I joined the weblogger secret

I joined the weblogger secret santa gift exchange today. This is good for a few reasons. One being that i will prolly get stiffed on the xmas/birthday presents this year considering i’m so far away from from everyone who loves me. I can’t complain too much though because in return it will relieve my bank account which took quite a beating from 12 days (of doing not all that much) in new york city. Also because it gave me a chance to update my wish list. Check it out. Of course buy me any or all of it, but more importantly i *love* browsing people’s wish lists. It tells you tons about ‘em.

As an added note, i’m also listening to a lionel richie mp3 at the moment. I shudder to think what that might say about me.

Last night i saw The

Last night i saw The Man Who Wasn’t There. It was fantastic. At one point in the movie i could only think to myself, “How is it that the Coen brothers always make such great movies?”

I completely forgot it was thanksgiving until yesterday. As everyone is off watching football and eating turkey (or just laying around smoking cigarettes as is probably the case with my friends), here in the old world it’s business as usual. There is a big commotion in the office today as all the windows machines’ hard drives have been forcibly shared on the network. Angry e-mails in all caps are bouncing around. Here’s a taste:

Je trouve ca tout simplement SCANDALEUX

I like these angry e-mails, not just for the drama, but for the fact that their indignant tones are written in a very simple present tense, for which i need not even use the BabelFish Translator even once. If i were a lesser employee i would send an e-mail saying something to the effect of, “Nya nya nya, too bad you don’t have a mac, sucka.” I’d need the translator for that though.

More later folks…

So, while i was in

So, while i was in New York, a bunch of New Yorker magazines and a Harper’s piled up in my mailbox. A few of them were very late, due to the anthrax scares i can only surmise. The others just piled. Anyway, it’s interesting to read “current” writing a few weeks late. I really suggest everyone try it. One can get a feeling for which writers actually think about how their pieces might stand the test of events, and which just go for the high drama. But of course, the high drama is way more fun to read. Go figure.

High drama here? Not much, unfortunately, i think. I just did three loads of laundry. That qualifies as drama for me. Every time i do laundry at a laundromat i have a Scarlett O’hara moment: Picture a girl, kinda well dressed (because all her other clothes are dirty) “As god is my witness, i will have a washer-dryer of my very own someday”. It must be my quasi-suburban upper-middle class upbringing, but i loathe thinking of laundry as something that you do on it’s own. It should be something you do while you do something else. While you’re cleaning, while you’re hungover, while you’re watching moesha. You get my drift.

Since the cops came and

Since the cops came and my place was trashed, i think i will call my soiree a success. We were a small group but rowdy nonetheless, and the food went over great. Only a few baked dried apricots stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts left. (yes i’m showing off – i took pictures of all the food too).

Today was my first metro strike. When i got to my platform and saw a lot of people waiting, of course i took it as a good sign. That meant a train was just about to come. But no. A few minutes later a woman made a recorded announcement on the loudspeaker. I didn’t really understand any of it the first time except for the mention of the name of the station before mine, Chatelet. About half the people in the station left. That leaving half got replaced by a new swarm of commuters and the message came on again. This time i strained to pay attention. What i understood was, “As a result of a social situation at Chatelet the 11 train is being delayed”. I was sure there was some idiomatic usage i wasn’t getting because i could only conjure up a train full of parisians spontaneously erupting into a love-in or something. Forgetting it was fucking freezing, i decided to take the bus, since it would give me a chance to get a coffee i hadn’t had yet. Me and ten others watched our bus stalled for 10 minutes behind a truck that had simply been parked in the center of the road coming out of the busiest intersection in my neighborhood. This was causing not only the delay of bus 75, but an enormous bottleneck behind it. No one was grumbling at the bus stop, there was just sort of a collective disbelief. After what seemed like an eternity (but was only like 10 minutes), the owner of the truck casually walked back to his vehicle. When i got to work i found everyone at the cafe. The marketing folks were booting up their laptops, everyone else was playing cards. An electrician over the weekend had accidentally cut the wires which controlled the magnets on the doors. We were locked out. It could be funny, but between the strike, the painful bus ride, and the electrician i calculated about 2 hours of sleep that was denied me for absolutely no reason this morning.

Other than that, i’m at about 10 on the PMS scale so i’m going to spare anyone who’s still reading the pages of crabbiness i’d come up with if i continued on this here post today. First on my list would be the unending damp coldness here. See you don’t want to read about that do you? You oughta read some adolescent boy comments on fark instead.

The Star Wars Episode II

The Star Wars Episode II trailer is up. The acting looks atrocious but if anyone hasn’t fallen in love with Natalie Portman yet, there’s no saving you now.

Nils is one of the

Nils is one of the coolest silliest awesomest – just plain fun people i’ve met here so far. You must check out his Stupid Dance here. It’s so cool. How can we get him his own sitcom?

Meanwhile tonight is my soiree. I’m sorta nervous. The guest list was at first 13. Then the sorry-i’m-away-this-weekend’s started piling up and i had down to about 6. Then in some bizarre twist of fate, or rather by word of mouth, it has crept into the 25-35 area. Wow. So i’m listing now. Listing (def. making lists) is the procrastinators ultimate weapon. I’ll need all sorts of things that normal people have, like cups, plates, serving platters. Also i need to make the menu. It’s a party but this whole thing was i think an excuse for me to get to go shopping at all the cute speciality shops in my neighborhood. Anyway, wish me luck.

Via dangerous monkey, seems that

Via dangerous monkey, seems that ms Heather Havrilesky has a blog up and i am so thrilled. My wednesdays have been been so bland since filler died. If you’re not sure where i am, it’s proabably there – - >

Also, the “festival” was really just “all the bars are crowded and everyone’s drinking more than they should”. But it was fun anyway. The first sip of the new Noveau was too sweet and too strong but down somewhere in the bottom of the second glass it started to taste might-ee fine. Needless to say we abandoned the ordering-by-glass charade and leapt into the bottles. Today i am appropriately headache-y, queasy, my tongue is stained purple, and there is bugundy ground into the chapped spots on my lips. Red wine hangover : Blech.

Also a friend of Dori’s who just moved here came out with us, and she was quite cool. As per custom a table of three new yorkers, even in a bar in paris, even during a wine festival, even having barely met, immediately began comparing our new york rents. It’s good to know that there are certain natural laws that just cannot be broken.

So let’s see. The Beaujolais

So let’s see. The Beaujolais Festival is tonight. Since i have pretty much no knowledge of my own about this thing here’s what Heather’s list says about it:

It takes place every third Thursday in November. If you’re not familiar with the idea behind the festival, here’s the rundown: The dark gamay grapes produce the first drinkable wine early in autumn, so Beaujolais Nouveau had been the chosen wine for the old French celebration of Saint-Martin on November 11 (which is no longer celebrated since it became upstaged by Armistice Day after WWI).

Since 1951 Beaujolais Nouveau gets its own special day. There are a few people out there who humbug the fun, and even those who claim the wine isn’t any good. But there’s a lot of fun to be had in Paris (and no doubt in Francophile places around the world) no matter what your opinion is on the young and fruity red wine. This year, according to the French wine pundits, the new wine has hints of red currant, strawberry and raspberry, and a peony color.

In fact many of my work-mates think the Beaujolais is crappy wine. In a discussion this afternoon they introduced me to the word “Oenologue” which they defined for me as [verbatim] “a professor of wine science”. Which sent me into peals of laughter. This was an appreciative laughter, let me point out.

Anyway i guess all the old school cafes and brasseries celebrate with specials with specials on the wine, and i even read about what can be described as a “Wine Marathon”. This was a challenge where people were invited to do sort of a “pub-crawl” along all the bars/cafes in St. Germain. 42 to be exact, one glass in each. Cause you know there are 42 kilometers in a marathon. Now that’s my kind of marathon! Although i am still a major lightweight, i’d probably crap out before i even got into double digits.

So anyway i have no idea where to go. I’m thinking the Ile St Louis, which is this little island in the middle of the Seine, just because it’s sort of very quaint old little area which has not been modernized, but very well maintained. I pictured lots of dancing in the streets but i don’t think that’s the case unfortunately (until maybe after everyone’s real real lit anyway). Its also slated to reach 25 F (-4 C) this evening, so the only street dancing i can see myself doing is the dance of frooze toes. It’s real popular with Californians who’ve moved too far north and east.

There’s a buncha events in the states, mostly sponsored by the Alliance Francaise celebrating the event also. But if your appetite is whetted for a red-wine hangover, i bet if you go to the most authentic french restaurant you know, they’ll do somethin’. And if they aren’t, casually mention all the fun-facts i told you and maybe you’ll get to go home with an easily impressed frenchie (actually that *may* be an oxymoron).

As interruption to your regularly

As interruption to your regularly scheduled programming i’d like to post a link to forever-fab Dori’s, Jewlrey Box Spot. She makes some great stuff and none of it is over-priced. I saw her sportin The Red Glass Choker at a halloween shindig and it was Hot. One can’t be sure if it was the necklace or the neck, but either way.. damn.

So if you’re looking for christmas gifts (or my birthday is comin up) you know where to go first.

Tee hee – i’m having

Tee hee – i’m having a party, i mean a soiree.

Check out the invite, and hey if yer in the paris area, venez!