ok – i am officially

ok – i am officially renouncing all MS products. i’ll be damned if explorer or outlook crashes my mac one more goddamn time. i’m already down with opera. and if that’s too weird, i have no problem with netscape 6. now does anyone know of a good e-mail client for a mac (with no ads!!!) that’s free or… err.. easily “borrowed”?

ok the new Aaliyah is

ok the new Aaliyah is totally hot. I can’t say it better than user Elmatic in his RS review (scroll down):“This album is off the hizzy.”

other music i’m investigating: Aaliyah

other music i’m investigating:

Aaliyah has a new album out

I really loved One in a Million. Actually I listened to it non-stop the last time I was in Paris, so…

CNN.com – Congressman seeks ethics

CNN.com – Congressman seeks ethics rule regarding interns – July 27, 2001

notable quotable: said he would ask the House ethics committee to draft a rule making it clear that sexual relationships between interns and members of Congress are unethical.

next they should draft a rule making it clear that members of congress should not have sex with their pets. anything but maybe working on our bullshit healthcare system, or campaign finance reform. jeez. everything is irritating me today.

this article is clearly a

this article is clearly a waste of time, but “hug drug”? “hug drug”?

CNN.com – Senate panel probes so-called ‘hug drug’ – July 30, 2001

… and more disinformation from your trusty newsmedia:

Ecstasy use on the rise


ok – i know you

ok – i know you hafta love amazon – bleh bleh blah.

but i really can not stand their “Customers also bought.” This is so transparent it actually makes me angry. So supposedly customers who bought Mama’s Gun also bought albums by only other women R&B artists. They bought only movies directed by black people and can only stand to read books by Terry McMillan and E Lynn Harris. Why can’t they just call it “Shit We Think is Like This, But We Haven’t Tried Too Hard.”


well thank goodness for the

well thank goodness for the blog or i’d have really nothing to do with the sillyness swimming in my head these days.

i made my first french friend. we met at a cafe and then i walked by him having dinner the other night and he invited me to join. nevermind that he’s like 65. he’s very nice and i have this evil plan to set him up with my mother’s boyfriend’s mother. ( yeah that takes a second ). she lives in paris, and they are both very cute french older people. i mean what else do ya need?!? plus everyone should be in love here. really

speaking of, everyone knows that you might be able to move cities, but you can’t run away from yourself. i know. i know. but there was a bit of me hoping to run away from bits of myself. didn’t work, duh. as i have another,


oh brother,

skirmish with the ex. who, by the way, is surprised to be referred to as “the ex.” maybe the same way he was surprised when i called him my “man” outside my bathroom once. a long time ago. i haven’t asked. it’s always a wonder how the closer you get to someone, how much more you can completely misunderstand each other. how do you fix it? why does it always end this way? anyone know?

i finished The Way of All Flesh yesterday. It was okay, i guess. supposed to be one of the english-language “100 Best Novels” (according to Modern Library publishers). ehh – i think it’s aged kinda badly. the tone is supposed to be so “forward thinking” as to brush aside the entire female gender? i just can’t enjoy books like that. i don’t care a whit how fucking “classic” they are.

A point for Paris: In their version of the Voice are eight pages of film festivals. pretty cool.

i don’t have tons of

i don’t have tons of time at the moment. i actually have some [gasp] work to do. but i just wanted to jot down a note about how sucky life is when you don’t have music. as i have been staying in a completely disconnected room, i haven’t been able to listen to music really. it feels like the life of a transient and a prisoner at the same time. i found myself this weekend lingering in stores for the sole purpose of listening to music. any music. whatever.

it was in the Esprit store that i surmised Erykah Badu has a new album out. I am downloading it at the moment, and will be carrying the Rio with me everywhere from now on. I even pretended to read a menu at a cafe for 5 minutes just to hear the curtis mayfield that happened to be playing.

i have to move!!!!!!

last night i got caught

last night i got caught in a huge rainstorm. i had no umbrella cause i had no idea about the weather. i realized that without a TV, phone, radio, internet connection at home the entire world could be at war and i’d never know it. talk about being incommunique!

anyhoo – i’ve got a mobile phone now and i feel slightly more in touch. as well as that the office is permanently connected and i have the web again, for working hours anyway. the mobile phones here are cool you just buy the phone and then can buy minutes as you need them at any “Tabac”, which is sorta like a bodega but not at all actually. OK it’s ubiquitous like a bodega, but really it’s like a little goods counter that can be found in a cafe. it has primarily cigs and gum, and mobile phone minutes. lovely, right? no more buying 2000 minutes a month you’ll never use. gimmie a shout and i’ll give you the digits if you want to spend some dough on a phone call to yours truly. hey, it’s exciting – you never know where i’ll be… incoming calls don’t count – heh heh

otherwise, i got the keys to my new place but it’s still not ready :(

i really want to move in so i can stop spending so much money eating out and having cafe’s out just so i can be somewhere that’s not a bedroom. i also need to set myself up with some music and maybe a TV so i can join the modern world again. speaking of, did i mention how old everything is here? sometimes i think it is so damn cool. but sometimes i get a bit irked. like when it rained last night. all the water was being gulped down by these old street drains and i just wonder, when was that shit built? where does it go? i mean sanitary conditions were kinda sketchy back in the day… you think they upgraded?

meanwhile there’s some new anti-rave law that just passed here, which is kinda a drag. i’m not typically down with raves, but i must find a group of like minds to hang wit here. there is a lesbian bar accross the street from my new place. there’s also some sort of communist art collective just below. it looks kinda dilapidated though. i mean there’s probably only like 2 communists artists left. the US must’ve had them all killed.

speaking of, we Americans have a really bad reputation in the rest of the world. “American” seems to be synonymous with violence, racism, guns, capital punishment and other appealing ideas. i can’t say i don’t understand the sentiment. i also really cannot defend against any of it. we’re pretty much the big asshole at the party. the one that spills drinks on people without apologizing. who eats all the chips and doesn’t offer to get more. and then takes a dump which clogs up the toilet, then saunters off without a thought to who cleans it up. btw, i think i’ve come up with this brilliant imagery just cause i’ve thrown a lot of parties and there’s almost always a dude like this.

but we got all the cash so we don’t care… nyah nyah nyah.

no really – we kinda suck.

An interview with Janus Marcovi,

An interview with Janus Marcovi, a retired fish merchant living in Trenton, NJ. Better known as the dude who invented the Tiny Wireless Video Camera!:

Something Awful.

Thanks Stoopid Science for this link. i’d link back, but the image of the day is.. err.. umm.. well, my mom reads this, ok. if you must know, drop me a line and give ya the goods.