…playing catch-up… read on it

…playing catch-up… read on

it is tuesday afternoon and i am currently having a cafe creme at the cafe beaubourg. since i had to lug my laptop home for the move anyway, i decided to be unself-conscious (sort of) and take out my laptop and write for a bit. i asked around the office and found it was indeed “un-french” to bring out a laptop at a cafe. but i am at the iconoclastic centre pompidou, and i’ve also decided to not give a fuck.

although i’ve only been here for a week exactly, it is already a much different experience knowing that i live here. mostly because i have no real timetable for anything. like new york, i can put off “doing things” indefinitely. i can also go on drinking cafe creme’s unhurriedly, which is nice.

this past weekend was my first french weekend. on friday i went to a horrific party in pigalle. it was like a frat party in the limelight. only like a hundred frats, and the building was like a hundred times older. it was the sort of affair with just an entrance fee and then all-you-can-drink. i am once again reminded that cash bars have an upside. we left during the theme song from flashdance, if that’s any indication.

the rest of the weekend was quite nice though. the weather has taken a sharp turn for the better, and it is actually downright “hot” these days. which is wonderful for sitting in cafes, but awful for sitting in a small office among 25 french engineers (peee-uuuu). i have discussed with a coworker posting a stink-o-meter (or stink-o-metre, in french) to measure my… err quality of life in the workplace. i have also been working on plans for a redesign. heavy on the CSS, so it will take me awhile to educate myself.

ok let’s get the obvious out of the way. i bought a pair of amazing shoes, on sale no less. it is the big sale time here. great way to kick off my new non-materialist lifestyle. gotta stock up first, like going into hibernation. yes, clearly this is not the point. they are rilly cute.

it goes without saying that paris is an amazingly beautiful city. the buildings radiate this sense of permanence. they are very old (much older than the ones in nyc), and unlike nyc, they are almost all in perfect condition. to look upwards at the street one could easily imagine it being anytime in the last four centuries. i don’t think i’m projecting when i feel like they have an influence on the way i think here. also, parisian women are gorgeous. even though i’ve spent a fair amount of time here before, i am only just noticing this. it is really kind of amazing. the women in the city who are not pretty are tourists. unfortunately i haven’t much of a taste for french men at the moment. i just can’t get used to the tight jeans and the tucked in izod shirts. and the guys who rock their wardrobe american style, are just kinda… umm.. off. but maybe that’s for the best considering i’ve proclaimed this the “summer of celibacy”. i’m actually rethinking this one. it is just so romantic here. i can’t think of a reason specifically, but paris is for lovers.

i have found myself a bit lonely at times, but not more so than in nyc. yet. btw, i am getting really pissed at people who respond to my efforts at french in english. it just seems really snide, like “don’t even try you fucking american.” how’s a fucking american supposed to fucking learn!?! in the meantime i am try to translate my thoughts into french so i look like kind of a loon talking to myself in public. maybe i should get one of those goofy cell phone earpeices for cover. actually i have yet to see one of those earpieces here (score for the parisians).

since the office is closed tomorrow (wed.) i’ll probably go out with some coworkers tonight. tomorrow is a trip to the cemetery and hopefully hopefully in the evening a spooky trip to the french catacombs. by the time i get to post this i hope i’ll have some interesting reports from underneath the city of love.

with that i close up shop at the cafe, tho i feel like me and my laptop are like sort of a fixture now.

a tout a l’huere.

bad news : our connection

bad news : our connection is going down for the day in 15 minutes. and then nothing tomorrow as the office will be moving. i have plenty of updates but keep being foiled when sitting down to write. i owe a lot of people e-mails too which i haven’t a chance to write. forgive me. soon.

a few notes: – i

a few notes:

- i keep waiting until the end of the day (here) to write, but by then the office is so hot and stinky that i can’t bear to stay late.

- i have made some minor changes to the right column.

- the time stamp is now correct to france time.

- i keep losing all the work i do here. there’s just no trace of the illustrations i worked on all day yesterday. i lost all my morning’s work to a system crash.

- i will write as soon as i do over what i’ve done this morning.

- i’m not sure if my french is getting any better, but i have a feeling my english is getting worse.

- the food continues to amaze me…

i was thrilled to find

i was thrilled to find an interview with the savior of all my wednesdays, Heather Havrilesky aka Polly Esther, who wrote suck.com’s filler. of course since npr.org uses crappy shitty icky real player i’m still in buffering mode after apx 30 minutes. if someone manages to hear, let me know if there are any particularly gems of snarkiness that i missed. thanks emmanuelle.net for this link.

ok so instead of burying my head in a laptop i should be exploring paris, no? of course! but someone’s decided that at a certain age, barring any bizarre occurrences, you pretty much have to hand over the choicest part of your day to some miz company or other. well i’ve been doing all i can at lunch and at night.

i’ve been eating incredibly well. i have no idea if i’ll end up as big as a house after this lil jaunt. everyone here seems to be so thin. despite the fact the food here is so amazing. i wouldn’t mind eating all the time.

also it smells like smoke everywhere. in every restaurant, cafe, the supermarket, and even in my office. this is killing me. it feels like the first week of quitting again. i always want a cig and i am surrounded by them all the time. i didn’t realize how much their interdiction helped me in the states.

well i have to go at the moment as we’re having our friday fete (party-thing). i bet the food’ll be delish!

technical update: i’m working on

technical update: i’m working on putting in a form – so feel free to send me a note telling me what you think. i’m having trouble getting the submit redirect to do what i want. i’m using a cgi with an .asp file. this all came with the hosting service so i am appropriately lost.

also – i think part of blogger’s messed up so i can’t edit the template to put the right title for the mailing section at the moment.

tips appreciated

another reason to love the

another reason to love the web

notable quotable: Check out the webs best collection of flight attendant humor! i think that says it all.

Skychick a site for flight attendants

watch out for a very annoying collection of pop-windows. for some reason that seems appropriate for the site though…

alors! here in paris it


here in paris it is cloudy and damp, and i’ve got lots to report. things have been hectic here as you can imagine. what with the jetlag, work, and all that cheese. but don’t worry – i’ve even been taking notes. i will be looking at an apartment today at 1pm, so hopefully that will work out. i am currently in a little room in my aunt’s apartment in the tres swank 16th arrondissement. an arrondissement is sort of like a neighborhood. they are all numbered. but in ordinary conversation is seems people refer to their neighborhood with a name, not a number. but in real estate, it’s all numbers buddy.

so let’s begin at the beginning shall we…

the journey was pretty insane. i haven’t been up for so many hours in a row (apx 40) while doing so much since i was at burning man (and even then it was with the help of some substances). before getting on the plane i managed to have some liquid nitrogen treatments on my feet (don’t ask), a run-in with my HMO (those bastards), and nice big fight with the ex (bleh).

turns out july 16th/17th is a rather ominous day to travel. on this date, in 1998 was the infamous TWA flight 800 (to paris no less) .. and in 1999 the ill-fated jfk jr flight. the lady at the flight window asked me for the name and number of an emergency contact.

puzzled, i was like, “Why?”.

she replied, “You know, just in case.”

“In case we crash into the ocean, you mean?”

“No, of course not…”

on the plane finally. you know i’ve always had this fascination with grounds crew guys. they seem so tough and cool, walking around in the midst of all those monstrous planes without a second thought. their outfits are soooo cute too. especially in the summer when they’re all in shorts in work boots. i’ve always wanted to write a story about a ground crew guy. if only to be able to learn what the day is like for them. anyway, i had a funny exchange with one of them when the plane was sitting at the gate. me, in fully PMSing mode and all sad and nervous about my trip and leaving and the fight i had, i was kind of crying and looking out the window. now i didn’t think anyone on the ground can actually see in those windows. anyway one of the guys down there was waving and making a tears motion with his hands and then a “why” motion. of course, i was totally mortified. i made an “oh nothing” motion and hid. it was funny. he kept waving every time i peeked out of the window. that could be the beginning of a beautiful romance… but in a few minutes we all took off for another continent, and that was that.


so i just returned from looking at the apartment. it was really cute. so very french in such a cute french neighborhood. oh zeee french cuteness. look how cute! (don’t worry there are windows now). i think i will get it – which is a huge stroke of luck for all you freeloaders coming to stay with me. too bad i can only have it until january, tho.


so in other news, it was all i could do to not smoke while having a cafe this morning. lucky for my lungs, i am so embarrassed of my french that i avoid speaking to strangers at all costs and did not bum a smoke. unfortunately it’s not that easy at work. speaking of, there is a guy who reeks like you would not believe. it is unreal how one guy can smell up an entire office. we are moving to a new office next week and just had a meeting to choose desks. i didn’t say much. do you think it would be rude to ask to be seated as far away from him as possible? it is so bad it makes me nauseous!

i will post more soon.

a tout a l’huere mes amis!

goodies from a coworker -

goodies from a coworker – attention! il est en francais!

France-Webmasters : le lieu de rendez-vous des webmasters

i know this is already

i know this is already on blogger’s homepage, but this is really inspired, maybe even brilliant.. . check it either way: IsDickCheneyDeadYet.com ???

P.S. “Friday, July 06, 2001″ is my favorite

ok – pretty much packed

ok – pretty much packed and pruned and prepared (yeah right). i have a short list of emergency tasks for tomorrow AM and then it’s off yonder.

things that i’m currently stressed about:

1. i screwed up huge with the post office on thursday. i’m praying it can be fixed in the morning. please please please…

2. if my anything happened to my “stuff bag” (as opposed to my “clothes bag”), i will be so bereft of valuable possessions that i would have to skip paris and just chuck it all in search of the maharishi or something

3. i’m going to miss my cat a lot a lot. a lot. i never thought i’d be so attached to a cat.

4. my landlord finding about the sublet and kicking the subletters, me, and the cat out

5. how dumb of me it was to eat pizza tonight, and how i need to stop being in denial about my lactose intolerance and just quit eating cheese.

6. i know, now i’m just whining…

so yes tomorrow afternoon – i will officially be an expatriate or expat as those in the know know. i will have to affix a lil french flag or baguette or something to the page in honor of my transformation.

i had a few freak-outs today, but i am in better spirits now and i am hoping i will be able to get to sleep tonight and not have a succession of anxiety dreams. i have also packed away all my blankets so that’s gonna sorta suck…

adieu ma petit vie de brooklyn

(i’m sure that’s all wrong)