i don’t have tons of

i don’t have tons of time at the moment. i actually have some [gasp] work to do. but i just wanted to jot down a note about how sucky life is when you don’t have music. as i have been staying in a completely disconnected room, i haven’t been able to listen to music really. it feels like the life of a transient and a prisoner at the same time. i found myself this weekend lingering in stores for the sole purpose of listening to music. any music. whatever.

it was in the Esprit store that i surmised Erykah Badu has a new album out. I am downloading it at the moment, and will be carrying the Rio with me everywhere from now on. I even pretended to read a menu at a cafe for 5 minutes just to hear the curtis mayfield that happened to be playing.

i have to move!!!!!!

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