well thank goodness for the

well thank goodness for the blog or i’d have really nothing to do with the sillyness swimming in my head these days.

i made my first french friend. we met at a cafe and then i walked by him having dinner the other night and he invited me to join. nevermind that he’s like 65. he’s very nice and i have this evil plan to set him up with my mother’s boyfriend’s mother. ( yeah that takes a second ). she lives in paris, and they are both very cute french older people. i mean what else do ya need?!? plus everyone should be in love here. really

speaking of, everyone knows that you might be able to move cities, but you can’t run away from yourself. i know. i know. but there was a bit of me hoping to run away from bits of myself. didn’t work, duh. as i have another,


oh brother,

skirmish with the ex. who, by the way, is surprised to be referred to as “the ex.” maybe the same way he was surprised when i called him my “man” outside my bathroom once. a long time ago. i haven’t asked. it’s always a wonder how the closer you get to someone, how much more you can completely misunderstand each other. how do you fix it? why does it always end this way? anyone know?

i finished The Way of All Flesh yesterday. It was okay, i guess. supposed to be one of the english-language “100 Best Novels” (according to Modern Library publishers). ehh – i think it’s aged kinda badly. the tone is supposed to be so “forward thinking” as to brush aside the entire female gender? i just can’t enjoy books like that. i don’t care a whit how fucking “classic” they are.

A point for Paris: In their version of the Voice are eight pages of film festivals. pretty cool.

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