The Free Skate

There may be a series of posts about Halloween in the next week. This is in spite of the fact that i’m still unsure of where and with whom i going. Halloween’s tricky because there’s a big possibility of either over-committing or under-committing. On the one hand you can say yes to everyone and everything and end up being a tweaker and running all over the place like a loon, or flaking on 5 people and maybe or maybe not feeling bad about it. Alternately you say “Uh Maybe” to everyone and end up scrambling to find someone or somewhere at the last minute cause you’ve effectively said no to everyone.

There’s no chance of me running around to multiple parties this year. For one thing there’s only one door charge per evening in my budget (if that). Another bigger issue is that i’ll be on roller skates, and i want to keep the chances of me tripping over a curb and breaking something at a minimum. Speaking of, i picked up my brand new perfect black roller skates from an angel named Trixie on Sunday. I put them on and realized, that no, i have not been on roller skates since i was 13. You know when you were 13 and zipping around on roller skates like a matchbox car, and then you saw some poor slob adult, bent over and lurching, with no balance whatsoever? Yep, that’s what i’ve grown up and become. But this can not stand, and tonight i’m going to the adult free skate at United Skates of America in order to sharpen up my skills. I’m at a total loss as to what this is going to be like. I did do quite a bit of roller skating when i was younger, but that was always during the day, usually with the YMCA as a planned trip or something. I always knew there were these mystery adults that were really good and skated in the dark and spooky night… but what could they possibly be like? Tonight my friends, i’ll boldy answer that question.

In order to entice me the website has provided a couple of deliciously vague hints. Like it’s $5 for women and $8 for men. This isn’t unusual for a club, who wants to keep it’s quotient of drunk testosterone charged mail patrons balanced (by say 2 to 1) with the calming force of the ladies. But i have a hard time imagining a load of revved up guys clamoring to get in to a roller rink. The hours are 9pm to 1am, which is pretty late for what i keep thinking is a family activity. On the other hand, it was gospel night last night, so the place can’t be that much of a den of iniquity. Right?

I’m gonna go find the answers to these and many more skating questions right now. Here’s to a good skate.

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