Halloween 02

It was the perfect day to spend recovering from a night of city debauchery. I laid around staring out the window at the yellow leaves blowing around in the fall half-sunshine, reading stray “The Critics” sections of old New Yorkers, and burrowing through a pound bag of Halloween M&Ms. (And yes, i’m a little nauseated now.) Last night was one of those nights when your eye wanders over to the window and you notice the sun’s been coming up for like an hour already.

I had this big realization walking back to the train station last night: It doesn’t seem to matter what i’m doing or whom i’m doing it with, lately i always seem to have fun. It’s kind of odd because i’ve always considered myself sort of a finicky and hard to please person. I don’t know if this is just a phase, but it feels like i’ve undergone a radical change in how i relate to the world in the last few months. As radical changes go, it’s a pretty functional one too. It keeps a broke girl in the city from being constantly bored and pissed off.

Last night the little crew i was trying to organize to get to Opaline just did not happen. One by one everyone bailed for various reasons: getting sick, have to work tomorrow, mom coming into town, haven’t slept in two days. Yeah yeah, i’ve heard it all before but it all seemed sincere individually. So instead i was ready to hit this old standby party in the Burg where a few good friends were definitely going to be. Just as i was putting the finishing touches on my eye makeup Ethan calls from outside the building to let me know the thing’s been broken up by the cops and he’s going to mill around bars in the burg instead.

But screw it i thought. I was all dressed up, and i wanted to dance. Badly. So it was an easy decision to hit the Opaline thing on my own. After all i’d been there before to see some of the same djs and i had such a good time dancing with random folks that i stayed well after my friends whom i came with left, and closed out the party. I used to always be slightly envious that guys could do anything on their own, but i guess i learned last year, finally, that i can do anything on my own too. And well, if i comb my hair and put on some lipstick, i can pretty well get my drinks bought for me as well.

So off i went , and of course i had a fabulous time, and met a medley of interesting people, and a few really good dancers to boot. At the end of it all there was a bench of us at the 1st Ave F train station who had all missed the train by 30 seconds. We traded Halloween candy and commiserated on our terrible 4am train karma. Turns out everyone on the bench (besides me) was fresh off the boat from somewhere, and it was everyone’s first NYC Halloween, which was really cute. Finally 4 of us bit the bullet and shared a cab home. Sometimes you just have to. And then i ran upstairs. And then things just got better from there.

Then there was Tuesday night when i headed off to the skating rink all on my own, and could have died it was so cool. But that warrants it’s own entry, which it will have.

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