Just Call it a Comeback!

This Roddick-Federer match is unreal. It makes me think of when you’re first learning the rules of tennis, and you say, “So really the game could just like go on forever!?!” And then the adult who’s explaining this to you says, “Well, it could, but it doesn’t. Somebody gets tired or messes up or something.”

“But, like it could, right?”

“It could, but it doesn’t.”

“And then what if you have to go to the bathroom?”


Well here’s the case where it really could go on forever, at 14-14 in the 5th set!

Eventually, near the end of the writing of this post, Roddick mis-hit a hard Federer return, popping the ball far out into the sky (and far out of the court), and Federer did indeed win. It seemed bittersweet, even for Federer, who is now at a record 15 grand slams. Winning isn’t always 100% unbridled awesomeness, said Roger’s (re-)strained post-game interview. Through after he goes home and stops starting at Roddick’s glum face, it might get better…

Which is only to say, that after a five (FIVE!) year hiatus, this blog is back!