Nothing from The West Coast

I’m sorry. I should’ve told you. I went home to LA for the holidays. But I thought I’d write. I usually do. I’ve been doing nothing here. Good old fashioned parental nothing. But nothing in the sun. I almost had to go out and buy a tank top cause it’s so much hotter than i thought it would be. Luckily i’ve got those secret support tank top bra thingies, and no shame. It was either that or buy a touristy Venice Beach shirt from the boardwalk but then my dad, ever The Local, would have been ashamed to be seen with me.

I’ve got no stories from here. I did turn 26 yesterday and happily enough, it did not inspire my third mid-twenties crisis. I think it’s just on hold until i get back to New York though. It’s impossible for me to have a crisis here. It’s just too damn sunny. And if i have a tan i feel like i’m accomplising something. I swear they put something in the water here to make you stop thinking about anything meaningful. (I wonder if i can get a supply for home?)

I got lots of cute clothes from my mom and lots of good food from all sides. I have a few funny stories from the flight over but it’s too sunny to transcribe them right now. I got a tan to work on, dig?

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