Bah humbug

It’s early. It’s Thanksgiving. Not my favorite holiday. For one, i hate poultry. I’m not too fond of stuffing either. Also, i haven’t been in the same 2000 mile area as my family during TDay since high school, and in those times, we never really did anything right anyway. There was a chicken one year, nothing the next, a few functions put on by mom’s office, and several free turkeys that sat in the freezer for longer than they’d ever been alive. In short, no one ever wanted to make or eat turkey. In a burst of assimilation i once made cranberry sauce, it went untouched. So anyway, Thanksgiving – ehhh. And not that i want to be all snotty and political, but there’s something distasteful about a holiday of pure glut that celebrates (directly or indirectly) the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.

Nevertheless, i’m about to go to the Pathmark to buy ingredients for an apple rasberry crisp i’m baking to take to a friend’s dinner. His dinner usually has a southern bent (gravy, biscuits, greens), a television featuring football, and lots and lots of budweiser. One day the scene will be perfectly completed and we’ll all be on an old couch outside an RV on blocks. God, let me erase that thought right now. And this whole, “time to be thankful for you have” coming from every network television station is about as sincere as rocks. So bah humbug from me.

Yesterday i met darleen for coffee in Manhattan for once, at The City Bakery. It was there i realized that many people living in new York City still have money and still have jobs. On either side of me were Sex In The City wannabe’s surrounded by shopping bags. (You mean people can still afford to shop?) The City Bakery was clean, high ceilinged and bustling in a way that reminded me of Dean & Deluca before Dean & Deluca became a tourist destination that bears a closer resemblance to a train station than an eating place. Anyway the coffee was slightly burnt but the double chocolate chip cookie was delicious. In any case i’m staying put at The Flying Saucer from now on. Trustworthy, within walking distance, and decidedly poor.

The other thing about thanksiving is that it stands as the big marker for Christmas, aka Christmas shopping. Let’s just say a lot of people will be getting cuttings of fresh basil this year. Or maybe handmade cards, or maybe mix CDs, like in high school. Which reminds me to tell you to check out This nice little article on the death of the cassette tape.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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