I’m now the number one result for “turkducken” on the google/yahoo search results. This might not be as impressive as it sounds cause i realized the correct spelling (if there is such a thing) is actually turducken. So i’m getting a lot of traffic from folks who are wondering about a slightly skewed version of a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey. Not bad for, one, totally missing Saturday’s pre-Thaksgiving feast, and two, having a decided dislike of foul as a whole. I did want to see what this turducken thing was all about though. For someone who doesn’t like to eat birds, one can only be completely repulsed or completely intrigued, and i was the latter. My dislike of foul is not due to vegetarianism or fondness for the animal, but because there’s something about the texture of birds that’s nasty. All stringiness and rubberlike. I actually can’t stand most birds when they’re alive and near me either. So unless it’s chopped up, and smothered in sauce, or otherwise completely disguised from the creature it originally was, i just can’t hang.

So it’s too bad that all these avian inclined folks have ended up here and i have pretty much nothing worthy to say about the tur(k)ducken. Secondhand, i heard it was both “amazing” and “i dunno a little dry for me”. So there you have it. Conflicting reports, as with most everything.

On Saturday nothing happened according to plan except for that i did go and see The Deer Hunter, which to my surprise, only eeked out out one or two tears from me. I liked it ok, but i wasn’t as blown away as i expected (err no pun intended). The most impressive thing was that Christopher Walken wasn’t at all scary when he was young, and actually was kinda hot. Who’d a thunk it? But otherwise, i was a jonesing for a little more editing during the hour long wedding segment, and a little more dialogue during most everything else. But i did like it ok. It was probably just a victim of high expectations.

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