Runny Nose

A rainstorm hit, 2 car alarms are going off, and i woke up with a cold. It has been ages since i had a cold. The last one i can remember was over two years ago. I guess i was asking for it. If i didn’t wake up with a cold, it would have been the third morning in a row of me having crashed into bed kind of drunk, clothes in a ball, not brushing my teeth, and then getting up and doing things all day. So i’m concluding it’s a cold of exhaustion. But fun’s been having had: In backwards order, it was a night chock full of self publishers at Dori’s birthday party. Had a really nice really new york city walk home with Jami and Swerdloff. And am particularly grateful to Jami who wanted to leave after only a few because it had the potential to be one of those nights where i spent way too much money and drank way too much. Realized that Juli lives 4 blocks away from me, and i’m hoping Jami moves into the neighborhood so she can crack me up much more regularly than she does now. Before then we wandered around in “for rest”, which was actually very very impressive (but very very hot). I particularly liked the paintings by Frankie B. Rice, none of which i can find online to link to. They were really nice oil paintings of rows of trees and plants. Just my favorite types of things, order among disorder, or vice versa, or whatever. They were good. It was a plant themed evening all around actually. I had on my Biosphere II t-shirt and gave Dori a few cuttings from the herb garden for her birthday, “To Eat or To Plant”. Unrelated to plants, i broke in my passed-down powder blue cowboy boots, which i may never take off again.

Tired and tired, yesterday Darleen and i saw The Silent Project in the city. It was pretty weird. There was a lineup of quality djs, and you went up to this counter to rent headsets to hear it. And then people just sort of shuffled around listening to music and exchanging really uncomfortable glances. I’d be curious to know if the curators thought it was successful. I danced a little bit just cause the beats were really good, but it was really stuffy and moreover weird to dance alone while 20 or 30 people stand around aimlessly and try not to stare. I knew that they were hearing the same music as me so there was this very small connection, but it was really pretty isolating to have headphones on in a room full of people with headphones. And then it’s weird to talk to people cause you don’t want to be yelling over the music that only you can hear, and you don’t know at what volumes everyone else is listening at either. My suggestion was that they might have planted 5 or 6 people to really dance and get people going. But maybe the whole point was just to realize that music is way cooler as a shared experience. That’s what i came away with anyway.

The night before then i saw an old friend, and it was revealed to me that i was a “Spirit Guide” to a friend of a friend at burning man 3 years ago. The story was actually really sweet, and made me feel pretty nice. you know one doesn’t get told that they acted right too often, only when you mess up usually. Oh, and being a Spirit Guide entitles you to drinks. Thus the tired hangover yesterday. We went to some old haunts in the burg, and i swear the new new shit economy has hit. On both Friday and Saturday night, along with a Saturday brunch i shouldn’t have been spending money at, half the booths and tables were empty. It was kind of nice actually.

Before then, i finally got to hit some tennis balls and pick up my awesome looking business cards that John kindly designed. They look so great that they might engender a redesign of Now i just need to hobnob with the types of people who might want to pay me to do things.

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