Plants, The New Dogs

I no longer have a pet, no where near having a child, mostly single, and only very marginally employed. So what have i done with my lurking need to care for and/or about something you ask? Plants. And lots of ‘em. I want to introduce a few of them to you my loving readers, and my loving bots.

Gordon T Basil II

This is Gordon T. Basil II. Gordon T the First lived fast and died young when he was trapped in an unfortunate wind tunnel at the 110 St – Cathedral Parkway 1/9 train station in 1996. He was only able to produce one pesto, but it was a fabulous pesto. Gordon T. II, however is a real trooper. Every time i turn around there’s a new stalk, and the smell… ummmm that smell. He’s so perfect i’ve had to add basil to things i’d never dreamed of before. Basil catfish anyone?

His cousin once removed is Willie. Willie’s a sweetheart. Really, he’s a sweet basil. He has the same robust growing nature as Gordon T II (must run in the family), but his taste is a bit more subtle. He’s great with chicken and currently sharing an overcrowded New York City space with some parsley which i haven’t named yet.

The Johnnies

And finally there are the Johnnies, the three tomato plants. Technically there are 11, but there are 3 pots so i go with the easier number. I grew all these lovelies from seeds, and i’m particularly proud of the tomatoes which i’ve replanted 3 times because i was convinced they’d never survive and kept scrimping on the pots. Now, i’m not sure if it was my constant love and attention or the unending weeks of sweltering heat and humidity this summer, but they’ve done marvelously. I can’t remember if i planted late or the summer started late, but if we have a couple more weeks of hot weather there’ll be be a plate of Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella worthy of gods. If it gets cold soon, i’ll be taking this Fried Green Tomatoes thing seriously. It really doesn’t sound like it should be taken seriously tho. Really doesn’t.

I’ve got lots more, but i don’t want to seem like a crazy plant lady or anything so i’m holding back. There was one casualty of the summer, a row of cilantro which was doing fine and then all of ‘em just up and died one morning, out of nowhere. It was sad. And particularly weird since someone told me cilantro is a weed and should grow with practically no care. Maybe i cared too much? Death is always a risk in the game of loving plants. But i’ll still take my chances.

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