Post Season Post Haste

The new freelance career is working out quite well so far. Except for the part that I haven’t gotten paid anything yet, but never mind that. The part about making up your own schedule simply rules. Why should the prime daylight hours be spent in front of the computer? No no no – prime daylight hours are for the park or playing tennis or seeing matinees or sleeping. Computer work hours are more in the way of 8 to midnight, and 9 to noon if I’m feeling sprightly.

In that vein, I’m offering up my myriad web skills at very reasonable hourly or per project rates. IA, content development, design, copy, production, I got it all folks. And I’m fast, cheap, and out of control. No lie.

I’m not all here at the moment as I’ve got one eye on the Lakers / Nets game. The Lakers are dominating, as they should be, but I’m hoping the Nets make a decent showing. Not cause I have any love for New Jersey, which I don’t really, but because Jason Kidd just seems like the nicest NBA player since, like, Magic. Nice like if you dropped your bag and everything spilled out on the sidewalk, he’s the guy who’s stop to help you put everything back in, and then crack a joke about how he was even clumsier the day before yesterday. But oh well, the Nets are getting creamed. And apropos of nothing, I admit it, I think Vin Diesel is hot.

The last game in the Lakers Kings series was a doozy. One of the announcers said when it went into overtime that he just didn’t want it to end. This is sort of a weird feeling to have in sports since the point is to win (or to want your team to win), and implicit in winning is the game being over. Is this an interesting issue to explore? Or is it totally worthless? I’m kind of on the fence about it. In any case the Lakers won in overtime and I went to bed all keyed up and happy. And it was a hell of a game.

It’s odd to be home in New York with no plans to move anywhere or even go anywhere in the near future. I was supposed to be in Paris this week but I had all sorts of plane ticket issues. The major one being that the return ticket I could afford, I could only buy once I was *in* Paris, and I just am not ready to tempt fate like that yet. Instead I’m here witnessing New York City make that fateful transformation from pretty little spring to no-joke summer. And it’s been no joke that we’ve been waiting for a thunderstorm to break the humidity for days and days now. I keep postponing tennis plans because of it, and then being peeved. And then sweating cause it’s so damn humid.

The Nets are starting to show some life again, and my post is showing none – so I suggest we all get back to what we were doing before. I was doing HTML and eating ice. Ice.. yummy ice.

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