[Sigh] What can i say? BloggersBlock?

I took a quick (and chilly) ride out to Prospect Park this evening. How is it that when you don’t ride your bike for a long time, everything on it breaks? There’s no logic in this, is there? I noticed one of the breaks was rubbing against the tire and as i stood on the sidewalk investigating, a nice old man came up diagnosed the problem, gestured to a man on a stoop nearby for a wrench who shouted to another guy at the car repair shop for some tools who was buying the largest stick of insense i’d ever laid eyes on. I held the insense while the break was realigned by the car mechanic with the tools. In no time the thing was fixed. I could only offer up a couple sad looking grape jolly ranchers from my pocket.

Rode off in another friendly neighbor mood. Ever since i got back i’ve been saying hi to all the people i pass on the street on my block, saying nice things to the kiddies, and buying chocolate chip cookies from the library bakesale. It’s only become interesting for me to be part of the neighborhood comunity since i was in Paris and it was completely not an option. I’ve been perusing all the super-local newspapers and talking extensively about the weather with the guys at the coffee place. In fact the guy owes me a pastry for a bet we made about rain on Sunday night. I said clear skies, his ankle said drizzle. I say Rasberry Tart please.

In this vein some pictures of Brooklyn at Dusk (and a couple from Queens)

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