One night back and my

One night back and my swollen eye problem returns. Maybe i’m allergic to France. Actually, i’m pretty sure it’s the fault of the heater that is an inch away from my head when i sleep. It must totally dry out my eyes. Karen said she got a rash on her chin that she suspects the heater to be involved in as well.

In either case there’s this, which sports funny headlines like, Lionel Jospin – Arsonist or Prime Minister? One can’t help but chuckle. I don’t feel so bad because the link comes straight from, a real live French person. But she has yet to discover who actually runs it. I was saying to a friend in New York actually that i feel strangely compelled defend France against the flippant remarks of my uninformed American brethren. Meanwhile i, of course, am allowed to snark about the country and the culture endlessly. No, it’s not at all fair or logical, but i have to live here and dems de breaks.

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