Ahh it’s 11:11 and i’m

Ahh it’s 11:11 and i’m back in Paris. The flight was only 5 hours, barely giving me enough time to gulp down my customary number of G & Ts, much less sleep. So i’m distracted and bleary eyed and at work. i can’t possibly concentrate on anything except a blog entry. Or maybe not. None of this will make much sense. I’m warning you now. And also, no coherent thought patterns. Gotta stay awake here though. And hey, a good 30 hours of awake just might cure my insomnia.

Travelling on the el cheapo tip had me train-ing it to and from both airports. Plenty of opportunities to look cinematically out the window and ponder both of my not-quite homes. It’s funny that way.

As i struggled with my suitcase on an escalator, instead of offering me a hand the woman behind me glared at me. “Welcome back to Paris, capital of good neighborliness” i thought to myself. Perhaps she had planned a very serene escalator ride for her morning commute. Nothing like trudging through the 8am rush hour metro traffic to welcome you home. But no really. Very strange that i should be sandwiched in between hoards of nyc schoolkids on their way home on the A train, and then not a day later squeezing by grumpy Paris commuters on the RER. And feeling pretty at ease in both cases. Well maybe not at ease, but on public transportation auto pilot, ya know. And it’s possibly maybe spring here. And due to a crisis or two, Karen’s been staying in my Paris apartment and i walked in to find it looking like someone actually lived there. There were flowers and plants, and food on the counter and even stuff in the fridge too. It was kind of disconcerting. I was used to my place looking like i moved in yesterday (and my stuff hadn’t arrived yet). It’s nice, i think, but weird really. Unrelated to that, I’ve never considered myself a stuff minimalist, but i think i might be.

New York was pretty excellent. It was hard to leave. Most everything on my stress list worked out well. Except that i got a bunch of strange skin rashes. They are all on the healing side of the curve at least. And i’m sure i put on some pounds considering every single thing i ate was greasy or fried with the exception of one turkey sandwich. Okay and granola for breakfast, it was getting dire. Like when you order spinach on the pizza cause you just need to at least see a few greens. Anyway, the generally poor American eating habits are making me feel a bit sluggish i think. Not sure i would have even noticed the lack of actual food in my diet a year ago. I spent an insane amount of money. The kicker being, not one, but two pairs of shoes i bought in the span of 3 blocks and 15 minutes. I’ve never had buying stuff make me feel so guilty before. It may be because i’ve been *not buying* anything so strictly that i’ve forgotten how to do it when i actually need to. But these two weren’t exactly needed. Well one pair was for a wedding, but what i spent on them was definitely not needed. Oh well. Even though this fear of buying sounds good, i’m not sure it is. It sounds like a recipe for more stress skin rashes.

Maybe more later.

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