LA Weekly: Cover: 10 Reasons

LA Weekly: Cover: 10 Reasons to Make Lists

And then all the following lists are pretty funny, especially Tiresome Things: 2001 and Beyond and Pussy Galore : Year of the Vagina which prompted me to remember a gem my bud and always gracious host, erickson, once dropped casually, “The two best things in life are pussy and bacon, not necessarily in that order. ”

So it’s new years, make lists lists lists. A hint which didn’t make it into the Weekly is that when yer making a particularly tedious list of the variety “To Do”, always include one or two things you’ve already done. After you are done making the list, cross them off (in a different color so it doesn’t look like you cheated). Now doesn’t that help?

I love lists. This is just more proof i’m slowly turning into my mother.

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