Eben Moglen whom i read,

Eben Moglen whom i read, wide-eyed and with hope, that intellectualism *can* be relevent (err… maybe).

This lecture, The dotCommunist Manifesto: How Culture Became Property and What We’re Going to Do About It is dense, and intellectual, and gooooood. Think capitalism, entertainment, art, the odd thing that is “a superstar”, participatory culture, and free software; And think about the morality of these things.

If you have a half hour and some actual attention to spare, it’s really worth it. Actually, even if you have no time, no attention span, and no bandwith, listen to it anyway. Really.

– and on a similar note, i’ve been mesmerized by Elliot Smith since the day before yesterday. Take “Everything Reminds Me of Her” in Downloads…

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