Back in the city woo

Back in the city woo hoo! A fabulous halloween weekend later. it is nice to be home. Walking around all over today, realized new yorkers are just really cool.

Wrote about my adventures with airport security while waiting for flight… bon app-

So you know everyone with a badge here has the right to ask you pretty much anything. And of course after everything’s that happened, we’re all pretty happy to oblige, but i’m starting to think it’s all a bit futile. The guy in front of the check-in starts in with the usual:

“Who packed your bags?”

“I did”


“At my apartment.”

“Have they been in your possesion since you packed them?”


“Has anyone given you any gifts?”

etc etc. You know the drill.

But this time the line of questioning is far more exhaustive than i’ve encountered before.

“Do you have any electronic, battery operated devices?”

Jeez, i don’t think i have anything that isn’t battery operated. I start enumerating. The list is long. I’m feeling self-conscious about my materialism now.

“What’s the purpose of your trip to Paris?”

When i say business, he stops, startled probably because i look far too young and way too dishelved to be travelling on the company dime.

“What do you do?”

“I’m a software engineer”

“Really?” he says with a bit too much interest. “How long have you been here?”

“Since august this time i say. i’m starting to feel like i’m in a bar now.

“Wow, four months?”

“Umm no – from August to October. That’s 2 months.”

“Where do you stay?”

“I have an apartment here”. Usually i’ve at least been offered a drink at this point.

“Oh, so you’re coming back?”

“Yeah”. Ok the line is seriously starting starting to back up behind me now.


“10 days”


I’m kind of half expecting him to ask me if i want to get a drink maybe a coffee and ask for my number. I start to stifle a laugh.

“Hmm..” pause, “Ok, have a nice trip”

I laugh anyway.

Next is a rubber gloved man who feels around in my luggage. I’m trying to think what he could be feeling for. I’m happy with myself for finally graduating to the level of adulthood where you pack nicely folded. I haven’t reached the point, where i do that on the way back though. I’m still a mess on my way back. I’ll have to keep this in mind next time.

The ticketing agent is short and sweet. Then an interminble line through passport control. Another one through the metal detector. This time the lady stops and asks you questions.

“Have you left your carry-on’s alone at anytime, etc etc.

And then, “Have you anything that could be used as a weapon?” Now what exactly are they trying to prevent with this set? “Ok you got me. Actually i have concealed a weapon, but since you’ve asked, you win”.

Boarding finally, almost an hour late. Another badge, another set of questions. Mostly about aboutv the bags again. I am asked to take off my sunglasses. hey that’s kinda cool, i think.

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