I really ought to be

I really ought to be in bed as i have to get up way early to allow for time to be scanned and probed before getting on a plane to new york tomorrow morning. WooHoo! Finally.

But i’m not sleeping cause i’m all jittery about it actually. Jittery to go to work on wall street by the “smoking pits” as they keep being called. Jittery to see everyone. Jittery about a lot of things. Jittery about my halloween costume that will have to somehow materialize in no time at all. Jittery. Jittery. Jittery. Jittery because i have far too many electronic appliances in my carry ons. Will i be recognized as the petty techno-bourgeois i am? or mistaken for some sort of well-disguised terrorist?

What can i say? A lot actually, but i’m too jittery to say it.

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