Villa Baghdad

I had this dream last night that I was on vacation at a resort in Iraq with my friend Gina. We had to move from the hotel room to the pool in a heavily armed tank. I was wearing a white bikini with a t-shirt over – and I was trying to decide if it would be more culturally sensitive to wear the white bikini with its’ shorts-like bottom, or a black one-piece that covered my tummy but showed more leg.

This just goes to show you can take the girl out of LA and make her listen to a lot of NPR, but you can’t take the swimsuit-worrying, SPF-using, iced-blended-drinking LA out of the girl.

I blame this ridiculous dream on the warm weather yesterday. I played a pick-up game of tennis in Fort Greene Park with this guy who seriously kicked my ass. He plays in a lot of tournaments and teaches, and is like 18 I think, so I wasn’t that embarrassed. The ball was coming so fast at me over and over again, I was thinking to myself this is what it would be like to play against Andy Roddick. I held up ok considering – I got everything back (mostly).

I was walking home, tired and hot – and it occurred to me that I just didn’t believe the weather. It was like a lie, or a ruse. Tomorrow it would be a “slushy mix” and I’d have to trot out my big black parka.

I also blame the dream on Morning Edition, which I switched on at 8:30AM but kept on sleeping through. If things could get any worse in Iraq, it’s hard to imagine how.

I woke up from the Iraq vacation dream thinking I needed to arrange another game today, and maybe lay-off the peanut MM&Ms so I might look okay in the white bikini or the black one-piece (neither of which I own in waking life). Also, I’m cancelling the Carnival Cruises half-price Persian Gulf vacation.

In any case – I haven’t a lot to say. I am not working at the PR place until further notice. I wrote a piece for the newspaper on anti-wrinkle creams which thoroughly creeped me out. I noticed there’s a Denzel Washington movie coming out called Man on Fire. Isn’t it funny how the title Woman on Fire has a totally different feeling to it? I wrote the biggest check of my life to the federal government and now feel significantly poorer. I’ve been hanging around Gorilla Coffee perhaps too much…

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