Soon Summer Soon

Summer summer summer. I think it started today. Was it a mere coincidence that just three days ago I made a playlist entitled “Soon Summer Soon”? It was grey and cold and rainy, but I rebelled and filled it with roots rock reggae anyway. I think it made summer come. That’s okay you needn’t thank me. I did it as much for myself as all of you.

I was in a marvelous mood yesterday. I attributed it to finding the perfect light corduroy jacket at Cheap Jacks (the most flagrant retail misnomer ever). It was not cheap, but it was perfect so I had to have it. And then I went to see a speaker related to my writing class, and the teacher said she liked my first assignment. I think it was the assignment part that really made my day. But Les pointed out that it also could be the roots rock reggae. Good point. In the face of the gloomiest and doomiest gloom and doom, reggae is always uplifting. I wonder if there have been any neurological studies on this. If not, I suggest some of the brainiacs that I keep running into consider it.

If you haven’t checked out the excellent acts that are part of BAM’s Rhythm & Blues Festival, you should get to it right now. Personally, I am holding my breath for the July 3 Steel Pulse show. Who knows what they look like now, but I love this rolled up jeans, leg-warmers, sneakers, tie + vest look. Hubba hubba. The music: I let that rock for itself.

In other weather related news, I’ve been taking advantage of the clear skies and unlimited music options to do some exploring of my new professional abode. I think it’s referred to as midtown east. It’s a neat little part of the city. I get to interact with a segment of New York I usually never encounter – the absurdly wealthy. I especially get a kick out of the middle aged ladies in their durable loafers and gilded sunglasses, a Dunhill Light delicately perched in their fingers. For some reason I imagine them as being superbly in control of their lives. Yes, it’s called envy.

I’m flanked to the north by the Queensboro bridge and the Roosevelt Island gondola. Both of which have some prime industrial locales surrounding them. Even up here in the box seats. The anchorage of the Queensboro houses one of those gourmet grocery stores, a nice restaurant, and a design store. Obviously none of this is that memorable. But what is memorable are the designed benches that are perfect for lunch-time lounging. I also like First Avenue which is filled almost entirely with locals. When I ordered an ice coffee from a deli, and didn’t know I was supposed to hand the guy a cup of ice from the freezer behind me, the counter guy said, “Oh you’re new. Welcome to the neighborhood.” Like no one ever just passes through. People come. And they stay.

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