Almost Sunny

Imminent war and imminent spring today. Also St. Patrick’s Day. How to reconcile the happy giddiness of short sleeves with the knock-down dread of Bush’s holy war? A parade of drunkeness on 5th Avenue? Uh no.

The world, actually just my neighborhood, was out exercising yesterday as it was the de facto first day of spring. Today my hamstrings are sore and I have several budding blisters. Then I went to see a small festival of film shorts at Long Island University. A friend of a friend directed of one of them. They were all a little bit bad. Obvious plots, cliched dialogue, marginal acting. Well the acting wasn’t so bad. The overarching badness was bad writing. Really bad writing.

At the moment Colin Powell is live on the radio explaining things here and there with respect to war, war, and war. This much impending death can even put a stain on the end of an unendingly cold winter. Later on the Brian Lehrer show a psychologist imparts tips on dealing with feelings of frustration and despair. He recommends limiting news ingestion to just a few hours of information heavy segments. For example choose an hour of morning edition over several hours of emotional and graphics-heavy CNN. But I will probably choose both. In any case it’s hard not to think that someone important’s mind was made up about this situation a long time ago, and there wasn’t much anyone could do to change the positions of ships at sea. The only question now is wheather to watch Bush’s empty morality or Dinner For Five. Toughie.

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