What We Do When Doing Nothing

This is redundant to anyone living anywhere in the Northeast but… This weather is turning me into a loon. Let’s see why. I can’t be outside for any more than like 5 minutes at a time. Which means I can either be at home, or inside some sort of public establishment. Public establishments inevitably costs money, which I inevitably don’t have. So I am, a, going stir-fucking crazy; and b, eating fucking constantly. So when it does ever peek up above freezing the first fucking thing I’ll have to do is buy a new bigger wardrobe. Fuck. Ordinarily I wouldn’t swear so much but things are dire here in Neille’s-going-the-fuck-crazy-locked-in-her-apartment land.

I’ve watched seven episodes of the Sopranos from season 2 which I totally liked. My only venture out today may be to go pick up the next seven (or should I wait until rent 1 rent 1 free day?). Unless of course I get called to midtown by an old boss to do some web work, which would be cool. But as the last 2 months are proving, the only sure thing when it comes to work is a warm check in my cold little hands. And maybe before it’s cashed is even speaking a little too soon.

Being shut up at home has led me to discover a headspinning number of new blogs that i’m tempted to start keeping up with regularly. Also I’m supposed to be brainstorming on my winter project and just generally deciding what the hell I’m doing with my life. Luckily my friend from Boston is coming down this weekend with an arm-load of Myers-Briggs Typology tests so some other doof can do the deciding for me. The last time I took that thing in high school I think it told me I should be a librarian and I stormed off in a huff. Also, if this is any indication, I don’t have the stamina to even finish this online test, much less set upon any sort of path for life. So fuck it.


In other news I was riveted by the WB’s High School Reunion last night. Usually I’m relatively immune to the claws of reality shows but for some reason this one got me. Maybe it was because a good friend from high school was visiting me this weekend and we did a lot of gossiping with little actual gossip. Or maybe it was because the show was like 4 hours long with what seemed like no commercials. Or maybe it was because the entire premise of this show is to get as many people to hook up as possible. Or maybe it was that they were all drunk the whole time. Who can say really? The one (perhaps indirect) benefit of reality shows is it does lead to thoughts on human nature, relationships, and possibly the coming apocalypse. So far I’ve learned that no one really changes from high school. Holly, “The Shy Girl”, regardless of her perfect boobs and stint in playboy is still quiet and nervous. “The Nerd”, Ben, is still a big nerd even though he’s a lot bigger (and rumor has it, richer). And all the popular girls are still the popular girls. “The Loner” never talks to anyone and is barely ever on camera, “The Class Clown” is the only person making any funny jokes, and “The Tall Girl” is still awkward and uncomfortable at all times. Is it that no one really changes, or maybe being around all the old high schoolers just sends everyone back into their old roles? Who can say really. What I can say is that there’s no way in hell I’m going to my high school reunion. (Uhh and also that I’ll probably be watching next week.)

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