Is it Harvest or Sowing?

Where am i? It’s one of those periods. There’s a lot in the works.

Let’s see, through a curiously nice set of events i’ve managed to get the domain name i always wanted for this site, So soon we’re gonna move. Then will be hopelessly devoted to my sleepy professional life. There’s a major overhaul of my portfolio in the works that gives extra special attention to the information architecture of the thing. What’s going on with it now is pretty embarrassing, particularly for someone trying to get work as an IA. Like they say, the cobbler’s children always go barefoot.

I’ve got mad work in the works, and all of it is on the barter system, which i totally dig. In exchange for the nil by mouth domain name i’m helping out a Londoner make a website for a future synagogue. In exchange for daily meditation guidance and feng shui repair on my apartment i’m designing a logo and site for my downstairs neighbor. And in exchange for some future work and pure self-satisfaction, i am rockin’ a new flash site for myself.

The next step is to offer to build a site for my landlord in exchange for a handful of rent checks. Hey, i think it’s not entirely inconceivable. With some luck i can cut legal tender out of my life near completely. This was actually the plan as i was coming back from France. My next barter scheme involves me teaching tennis classes in exchange for access to indoor courts in New York City this winter. There also needs to be a way for me to barter to see movies. Forking over nine dollars once a week is not cutting it. Neither is seeing shit like Auto Focus simply because it’s free, and then feeling nauseous after. In the meantime, Symphony Space has these awesome double features which are becoming a weekly routine for me. I also like going to the upper west side every so often and remembering my other life up there. It’s a little like hanging out in a grandparents kitchen, warm, easy, and a little stifling.

The rain continues, my coffee gurgles, and photoshop calls to me. It’s short today, but tomorrow i promise much more my sweets.

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