So Fall

Still, i can not get over how amazing this seasons things is. LA will do that to you. Though i still maintain there is an unfair system of weather imperialism throughout the US. It’s not wrong that So. California doesn’t have four distinct seasons. It’s just different. Maybe it’s this four seasons thing that’s actually the bizarre anomaly. Ok already i’m off the topic. Right : Fall. Honestly up until i moved to New York, i had the impression that the change of seasons was at least partially fiction, made up mostly for greeting cards and television shows. I mean, i’d never say it to anyone, but deep down i didn’t really believe in it, if that makes sense. Falling reddish leaves were as exotic as pink polka dot leaves. Even now that i’ve lived in a place with honest-to-goodness seasons for years i still shake my head in disbelief sometimes. Usually on a really nasty summer day (or a really nasty winter day), i’ll stop and think how this very same piece of sidewalk that i’m standing and sweating on, in six months will be holding up my cursing freezing pissed off self. And it’s just crazy. I mean, isn’t it?

In between the sweaty pissed off and the freezing pissed off, there is, if we’re lucky, a small wondrous moment called fall. This is by far my favorite season. It’s more predictable than the spring, and drier usually. Where spring has your pale pokey hibernated ass caught in a yellow tank top under it’s glaring headlights, fall forgives all your mistakes and invites you into closed shoes and fuzzy sweaters. Yum.

It may be even a little premature for this ode to fall. It started out rainy and chilly this morning, but feels like the day might end in a late summer night. But still, i’ve been thinking about things fall that i love:

  1. The quiet on the first night the bedroom window stays closed.
  2. Sleeping in proper pyjamas.
  3. Tucking your arm under the covers cause it’s cold on the outside.
  4. Really wanting a hot shower in the morning.
  5. The first, almost constrictive, feeling of a light jacket.
  6. Putting on socks inside.
  7. Not hearing the ice cream truck 7 times a day.
  8. Tree rain.
  9. Tights
  10. Wet leaf prints on the sidewalk
  11. Having a fall party

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