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It appears Jami is moving to Brooklyn and is holding open submissions for folks to convince her which part to call home. So far she’s gotten recommendations for Williamsburg, Park Slope, and Carroll Gardens, but [gasp] no one’s written in on behalf of lovely, perfect Fort Greene. This feels like a personal challenge, and of course i’m stepping up:

In Defense of Fort Greene… or Why Fort Greene is Better Than Anywhere Else

  1. Rows and rows of picturesque brownstones
  2. Fort Greene Park, which is big enough for running, exploring, and hidden picnicking, but no so big that there are teams of cyclists, runners, and soft ball players whooshing by and reminding you that, yes you are still in overachieving, relentless New York City
  3. Tennis courts (more important to some than others)
  4. BAM, this might even have to count twice
  5. Frank’s Lounge</li
  6. Not Ray’s Pizza
  7. Atlantic Ave train station, serving nearly every train line and the LIRR.
  8. Atlantic Center Mall, for when you get nostalgic for the suburbia of your youth. Including an Old Navy, perfect for down days where you can buy a new hoodie for $10 and feel better
  9. More (and better) French food than you’ve ever imagined could exist in Brooklyn. This also translates into perfect espressos and cappuccinos on every block.
  10. Citizens who take sitting on the stoop very seriously
  11. Precious few New York yuppie families taking up three hours and two tables at brunch (see Park Slope)
  12. Genuine diversity (see Williamsburg)
  13. Relatively less glaring economic inequality than you see elsewhere in Brooklyn
  14. Generally easy to get to all the other Brooklyn neighborhoods via subway
  15. And, well, i happen to live here

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