Root It Down

Holy Shit. Last night i went to the best club, with the best djs, and the best crowd in more time than i can remember. And the craziest part is… it’s in LA. Do things get any weirder? It was here, the Root Down, corner of Melrose and Normandie. It started out odd cause we’re in the middle of Koreatown, which isn’t known for its hopping nightlife. On the upside, the street parking is a cinch (two and a half weeks and i’m acting like a native again). We got there at 10 to take advantage of the half price cover until 10:30. Some people close the club, others open it. We all have our place. No one was there, but the 15 year olds milling around the entrance had us slightly concerned. Things got more worrisome as i ordered my Gin & Tonic and the bartender asked me for six dollars. Six Dollars!?! Motioning to the door, “Isn’t this the corner of Melrose and Normandie?” i quipped in my best Clueless voice. It’s possible i’ve missed some serious neighborhood facelifts, but it was kind of like a six dollar G&T in Sunset Park. Ok ok, i’ve never had a G&T in Sunset Park either. I just have my ideas about these things.

But the djs started and things started looking up really fast. The first dj was the dude i saw spinning at burning man. To be honest i was a little nervous. I had thought he was cookin really really hot out in the desert. Enough that i was inspired to dance up to the dj booth and yell at the top of my lungs, “Dude! You are Rockin’!” But i had a substance or two in my body, and i admit that i may have had an exaggerated idea of how hot this cookin of his really was. And i had talked him up majorly to the ladies, so like, my reputation as a spotter of cool was on the line.

After drinks the three of us tentatively made our way on to the empty dancefloor. The music was good, but everyone seemed to be hanging on the walls. Slowly, i barely even noticed how, the dance floor packed em in. And it was packed with really really good dancers, with moves i’d never seen before. The music switched from hip hop to dancehall to salsa to combinations of everything in between. Mostly it was beats i had never heard, and did i say yet, it was really hot. And everyone was dancing. And no one had any attitude. And the crowd was totally mixed (and all really good looking). And none of the guys were being sleazy. It totally changes the vibe if all the guys are dancing just to dance, or are more interested in picking up girls. And they all seem way more attractive doing the former.

Eventually i went up to the dj and told him i heard him spin at burning man which totally floored him, and made me feel kind of like a leacherous dj groupie. But we did have this special connection. Swear. Anyway, i kept asking Liza and Amy (all 2 of my friends in LA) if all clubs were this cool out here. If so, i would have to start reconsidering my life plan. Neither of them gave me a straight answer, and i suspect not because they were as surprised as i was at how fun everything was. Point is, if you find yourself in LA on a thursday night you’d be crazy nuts not to get yourself to the Root Down.

In the meantime, it’s once again fabulous weather out here by the beach, and i have a shopping date with mom. I may buy these second hand red snakeskin cowboy boots that i saw in a window the other day, but i really shouldn’t cause i have no room in my suitcase and no paying projects in my future.

PS – I have this hairbrained idea that i want to be bicoastal, so if anyone out in LA wants to hire me for anything, i’m game. (Umm.. actually that goes for New York too).

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