LA Calling

Ok – it’s official. I’m going to burning man. Lately i’ve been “leaving things up to fate”. And fate kind of worked it out. I got an unexpected freelance gig that earned me exactly the money for a ticket and gas money. I found a ride, a sleeping bag, and more importantly i found a little project, which will eventually end up on this website. I can’t talk too much about it because i’m superstitious about these things and don’t wanna jinx it, but you’ll see. I think it’s gonna be good.

In other news LA is LA and if you treat it as such, things can be pretty fun. The weather is beautiful, and the parking plentiful. I’ve had to scrape around to get rides here and there; it feels a lot like freshman year of high school. Also been doing a lot of walking.

Meanwhile, another installment of Signs Telling You You’re in Los Angeles:

In the coveted first spot in your wallet, you’ve replaced the MTA metro card with a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee drink punch card. Twelve drinks and the thirteenth is free.

At the coffee shop in the morning, a guy drives right up to the door, gets out of the car holding a skateboard, gets his coffee, and gets back into the car cup in one hand, skateboard in the other, and drives away.

Guy at the coffee shop compliments you on your dog’s aura. (You politely inform him that the dog knows there are biscuits inside and is on his best behavior)

You overhear a guy saying he’s “doing a coast card gig on General Hospital” when his friend asks him what he’s up to.

On the way back from coffee you walk by two separate houses from which the sound of chanting wafts out.

When someone you don’t know waves at you and you say “Sorry, do i know you?”. He says “Weren’t you at Ira’s retreat? Hatha Yoga?” Umm. No.

Your dad can’t stop bragging about his secret parking spot for the busy restaurant where he’s a regular. Said restaurant is 6 blocks from the house.

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