Plans for the Beginning of the End

I started out innocently enough by paying my ConEd bill online. Somehow i ended up constructing a fantasy roadtrip for my upcoming three weeks in LA. Doesn’t it look rad? I’m not going to Burning Man this year i don’t think. I keep leaving the slimmest possibility in there when i say it just in case. But it’s a really really slim “just in case”. I didn’t go last year, and i remember looking at the pictures afterwards in my Paris apartment and just oozing jealousy. I think i promised myself this year i’d get there no matter what. But the time is here and my heart’s just not in it. I feel really far away from the-going-out-to-the-desert-and-being-crazy part of myself. But more to the point, i just don’t want to have any intense emotional meltdowns right now. It feels like my whole last year (company closing it’s ny office, moving to paris, skyscrapers falling out of the sky, quitting my job, moving back to new york, quitting smoking, starting smoking again, and quitting smoking again) has all been one much protracted emotional meltdown, and i’m *so* seriously done. So i’ve earmarked my three long weeks in LA for sipping ice blended mochas with my dog and making snarky comments about how LA LA is with my high school pal gina (with whom i coordinated my trip so i wouldn’t turn into a pile of salt from the shock or anything).

So now i just have to convince gina, or a decently smelling stranger i meet in 7 Eleven, to take a few days and go with me to the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, and El Paso (or something like that). Those are the three destinations i randomly picked, and then mapquest just sort of threw in Tucson and Phoenix as a bonus i guess. I wouldn’t mind passing through some major suburbs actually. If i’m thirsty for emotional stagnation, Phoenix is a 44 oz Super Big Gulp. (Jeezus, did i really just say that??). In any case 2000 miles in the southwest desert sounds like an almost too fabulous way to end the summer.

Tonight in Brooklyn, it feels like the summer’s just starting as we’re all staring down the beginning of another 90 deg, 90% humidity heat wave. The heat took my by surprise on the tennis court today when i got a touch woozy at the 45 minute mark. I know that the summer’s almost over though. The first sign is that my around-the-house shorts are starting to around the edges and my sandals are all stained with sweat and about exactly 1 month away from falling apart. Vive l’august!

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