i can’t even think it’s so hot. I was looking forward to working at home today. I’ve been in the office all week and i wanted to hit some tennis balls this afternoon, make lunch, spend the day in my ratty tank top, and mop the kitchen. It started out crappy as i realized i left half my power source cord at the office yesterday, so i had to trek it up into manhattan anyway. i should have taken it as a sign and taken my laptop in and worked in the central AC. But i’m retarded and did not. Now i’m here at my ikea desk, which itself is starting to reach temperatures not recommended by the manufacturer. When all your furniture is hot to the touch, the apartment’s in serious trouble. I can’t really move from the 2′x2′ patch hit by my fan, so i can’t get up for a refill of ice tea or two aspirin which my brain keeps nudging me for.

I am also having a tremendously hard time starting my work which will involve some semi-complicated action scripting in flash. Actually it’s probably not complicated at all, but my flash days which were a pretty intense 3 years ago, used Flash 4 – which anyone worth their flas can tell you – is completely different from Flash 5 and Flash MX. Anyway i keep telling myself i’ll start right after i take some aspirin, which i’ll get up for right after i stop sweating. Sigh.

It already feels like the summer’s gone by too fast, and it barely just got here. Another case of me grasping on to ungraspable things. Again i’m failing to follow the dharma. I’m having a “thing” with my air conditioner which i’ll write about later and am trying to decide how long to spend in climate controlled Los Angeles, Calif. (i like that particular abv. of CA – it’s so 70s), two weeks or three. Also trying to make a final decision on a friend’s sister’s wedding in Kansas City, KS. I’ve never ben to the midwest before, and i’m pretty well intrigued. The farthest inside the US i’ve been is Denver on the west, and Philly on the east (not counting airport layovers of course).

I need a new bed, which also comes into play in the to-be-written air conditioner story, but i’m highly commitment phobic right now, and a bed seems like the ultimate in possession-commitment. It’s mostly non-transferable, non-transportable, but investing in a decent one can pretty well change your life. Hmm… No new bed for the moment. And i can’t imagine exercise in this soup outside, so i’m going to wimp out and cancel my tennis date. I’ve heard the crackle of thunder a few times in the last 10 minutes and i think i’m not alone in praying for rain.

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