No Sleep till…

Back back back in Brooklyn and jetlagged as a motherfucker. Lets go through things:

1. The screen on my visor will not stay on for more than 4 seconds.

2. My hard drive is toast. Finished. Over and out. Gone gone gone.

3. Does anything else matter really?

I arrived at 11 pm. My computer died on the plane. I woke up at 6 am, cleaned myself up, went directly to Tekserve so they could offer to do practically nothing to make anything better but keep my powerbook for two weeks and then charge me $50O. I owe a seriously nice lunch to Witold who stopped me from getting screwed five ways by Tekserve and loaned me a hard drive until the new one gets here.

So, if you are my friend call me or email me with your number and what not because i have nothing left.

Ahh, but it is beautiful here in Fort Greene. The sun is shining, birds chirping, and english everywhere. There’s a nice wrap-up post about Paris in the works (that even got edited by like a real professional who knows what he’s doin), and in the meantime i’m moving back into the nicest apartment ever. It’s got a bed and plates, and an ergonomically correct work table and chair, and i am so fucking happy to be home!

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