Le Regroup

So Voila!

It’s a slightly changed layout; the main difference is that i changed my CMS from Blogger to Movable Type. I can’t be any more indebted to Blogger for getting this now world famous blog (51 hits from Brunei Darussalam, woo hoo) off the ground with it’s ease of use and generally cheery disposition. They all rock pretty hard over there. But i mostly couldn’t stand being at the mercy of their (presumably) overloaded servers. And as a wise man once said, free means no complaining. In order to give myself permission to complain, I did try to upgrade to Blogger Pro but finicky paypal wouldn’t accept my credit card with it’s foreign address. So in the meantime i learned a few things about PHP and a coupla Unix commands, and feel generally more connected to my computer and server. Kind of like the first time i “drove” a stick shift. But now i’m babbling.

The second thing is the one-post-per-page layout which i did purposefully to make myself write sort of longer, sort of more considered, sort of more interesting things. (Note the extreme pussy-footing and lack of confidence.) This has been my dilemma recently, but whatever if i suck, so be it. Since i don’t think any of us could live without the little things, i added a little space, over there, to the right for links and other short quips. Keep in mind, blogger doesn’t use titles, so all the titles in the Archives are taken as the first five words of the post, and in most cases they make very little sense. The “Riffraff” section is still not done, even though it’s really close! When i finally finish, hopefully sometime this week, you’ll have your pick of lots of little trinkets and party favors that you might wanna take home and play with.

I was planning this to be as a year anniversary type thing, but oddly enough i’m about one month early. Wow. Anyhoo let me know if you have any feelings on it, one way or the other. In the meantime, i’m doing my very scary, two-different-countries, four-different-currency taxes. If i weren’t on the verge of getting a substantially large refund, i’d say screw it and go have an eclair. Hmm… maybe i will anyway.

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