Again From the Francais Pour Les Etrangers Dept

So my teacher’s one of those real bitchy teachers. The kind that calls on you when you’re not paying attention just to see you squirm. Ok, let me back up, there are a few a priori problems with my class. It’s from 6:30 – 8:30, meaning i have to high tail it from work to make it on time, and that by 7 i am famished. Related to that, i’ve worked all day, so my ability to concentrate is diminished. And then, there’s that i hate group work, which we do all the time.

Last Wednesday, someone asked about how you know if a verb is an “etre verb” or an “avoir verb”, which means, in the past tense, does the verb take “to be” or “to have” as it’s precedent. Don’t worry, it barely makes any sense to me either. Anyway, the girl next to me was asking a question about it, and i was glancing at the clock (famished), and my mind started to wander. “Neille? Neille?”, Mme Claudine pokes. She asks if i have any problems with these verbs (Note that she is vague about what we are talking about because she knows i was drifting. Grrr). I actually was half paying attention so i said No, i didn’t have any problems, I mean I really hate talking out loud, even if i did have problems. She asked me how i remembered which verbs take what. I told her from “Le Maison d’Etre” which is this strange system of memorization that i learned in high school french.

So get this, then she asks me to go to the board and draw the Maison d’Etre. There are few friends of mine with whom i’ve taken high school and/or college french with that read this here blog. They know that this is My Worst Nightmare. I pleaded with her “Please, no. Please no. Please, no”. But she was set on me embarrassing myself at the chalkboard. So i gritted my teeth and did it. My face was burning with embarrassment, and i’m terrible at writing on the chalkboard to boot. It always ends up so big and sloppy. I kinda blanked out after five verbs, but luckily she had the class shouting out answers at that point, and i was just the blushing scribe. Needless to say, i’ve been considering dropping it ever since.

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