A quick inventory of things:

A quick inventory of things:

- My swollen eye thing is never going to go away.

- It’s very cloudy, but mild.

- I am right now rewriting a Database Installation Guide (yuk, blech, gag)

- Microsoft Word is on a mission to torture me.

- Al Green’s singing “For the Good Times” (note: 11am is too early for Al Green)

- Feeling self-consciously sucky about my writing lately. Trying to force myself to post things so that i can “push through it” or whatever they say. But i’m not sure it’s working. I’ve started and abandoned a half a dozen posts this past week. I have been doing more web work. Maybe it’s one or the other? So what will become of it? I’m nearly finished with a migration to Movable Type. That’ll be up later today, or maybe this weekend. I want to write more considered and serious things here, but i’m kind of worried that i’ll really suck. The quick sentences about my day are like flirting with writing, the fun easy part. But flirting gets less fun the more you do it. [Sidenote: As i haven't flirted in months (with a boy, not writing), if i ever do it again, it should be so coooool]. So anyway, fear of writing commitment? I think so. Cure?

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