So, as i’m changing servers,

So, as i’m changing servers, i won’t even be able to see the new posts for awhile (although those closer to my new server in Missoula, Montana (thanks again to juli for the tip), will see it fresh as mountain spring water from the Rockies. (??)

So the point of all this new server, new system stuff is that as i am approaching the one year anniversary of the blog, i’m thinking about turning it into something different. Less of a diary, more of something else. I haven’t decided what this something else is. But i will. Spring is coming and it’s a time of new beginnings, or so they say. Truth is, anytime is a good time for a new beginning, but spring is sunny and it’s easier to wake up in the morning.

I’m going to New York tomorrow, and a lot of the trip will be making preparations for a new beginning in the non-website portion of my life. New lease, taxes, housing, friends, cats, shitty bread, weak coffee, and good rich serious conversation.

I’m smiling because it’s sunny today and i’m changing hosts.

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