It is brilliantly sunny and

It is brilliantly sunny and wonderful out today. One thing that has been going exactly right these days is that the mild Paris winter that stood up in bold and all caps on the “Pro” side of my Pro/Con-moving-to-Paris list is panning out. It’s been a just-right winter of 50 F for weeks and weeks now. No hats, no scarves, no gloves – yes! And as i am the first to whine about the chill in my bones, i ought also to be the first to rave about brilliantly blue skies where i can have my sandwich and Orangina on the banks of the Canal St Martin.

But speaking of winter accessories, my quest for new boots has ended in utter failure. Everything i found that i liked (even when i was willing to shell out the euros like it was the nu-economy) was Not Available In My Size. As brilliant Darleen says, if you’re a size 8 shoe and there are sales on, forget it. So instead i want a hat. A big floppy 70s type hat. Maybe like this, but definitely not with that gawd-awful animal print. Or maybe more on the Calamity Jane stylo. Or maybe something just in between. I’m thinking i need to be rockin something fabulous on my head just now. There’s a great store near chez moi, but it’s always closed whenever i go. Even though the hours posted indicate it should be open. That seems to happen a lot here. Also, the post office sends your packages back if you don’t claim it with in 2 weeks. Someone sent me something and it got sent back. I have no idea who or what. Reveal yourself at once!

I spent the morning catching up on my blog-mail, which i adore. Send more. More more more! Even if it you just need to comment on Saran Wrap (TM). Otherwise, rumors abound concerning a considerable reduction in the weight of my office. But i’m going to spend my lunchtime in the winter sunshine and pretend that nothing else matters.

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