Just when you think everything’s

Just when you think everything’s going well, something shitty happens. At least that seems to happen to me a fucking lot. Last weekend Paris was treating me really well. It still is i suppose. And i’m going to try and focus on that. In fact i was walking home in a light mist on Saturday night (the trains quit running at 1am here), and i had spent the evening acting silly and speaking a bit of french. The thing about being an outsider is, of course it’s hard, but it’s also really liberating. I can go to parties full of hip young things, and dance like a fool because, well, nobody knows me and most likely never will. I’m totally free to make a complete ass of myself. Which i am now doing with abandon. If i’m going to be an outsider, i’m going to embrace it damnit.

So i’m walking home in this mist, my hair frizzy, still sweaty from the party, thinking i want to see springtime in Paris. And then i get home, and in my mailbox is the acceptance for the cheap french class, which i was convinced i wasn’t going to get into.

Then some shitty news this am. Shitty news on express e-mail delivery from New York. But what the fuck? I’m going to try and apply my new “embrace” technique of dealing with difficulty to this thing too. Shitty things are almost always liberating if you look at them in the right way. So here’s to some more liberation in my life. One can never have enough, right?

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