I used to hate having

I used to hate having my birthday so close to Christmas because i’d get shafted on the presents (“dual present” my ass), but now that i’m older the presents aren’t as key. Although the electric toothbrush my mom gave me this year has changed my life. It is soooo amazing. Anyhoo, now, the double whammy of my birthday and the new year intensifies the whole “life-examination” thing to unbearable levels. This duo did me in last year. It had it’s upside, like i moved out of the decrepit loft and quit smoking. But the downside led to months of hibernation/depression. Bah.

This year leaves me with way too much to think about. Twenty-five feels sort of like a milestone, and one that i don’t have enough to show for. I had this 25 crisis a month after i turned 24. I was like “Shit i’m gonna be 25 in a year, wtf?”. I’m precocious that way. I had three separate full on neurotic mid-twenties crisis attacks last year. The last one driving me here to the land of cheese. I can say with confidence that the immediate panic is out of my system. Instead there’s just the lingering confusion. Maybe i’ll get into specifics later. But shit, i hope not.

My dad is visiting now, which is good. We’re doing touristy things, monuments and such. I will spend the birthday evening in Bastille probably, and we’ll hang with the throngs on the Champs Elysees on New Years Eve. I’m kind of looking forward to opening a bottle of champagne from my backpack in the middle of the Grand Avenue with my pop.

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