I missed an excursion to

I missed an excursion to the catacombs tonight due to the totally ridiculous amount of drinking i did last night. Originally i wasn’t even planning on going out last night. This past week has kicked my ass big time. All i wanted to do this weekend was sleep, move my website to another server, and generally regroup. But much to my dismay i woke up at noon with a pounding headache and longing to talk-to-john-on-the-big-white-phone (trans: barf). I spent half the day in bed cuddling with a can of coke and a magazine. And the other half getting lost in my own neighborhood. I did buy a new hat since my last one got burned during a fire performance at a halloween party (note: i’m almost finished cropping all the pics from ny).

So yeah i suck. No errands, no catacombs. And the key to this city is to target your hungover-do-nothing-but-veg-all-day days to sunday because *nothing* is open on sunday. No dept stores, no supermarket, no boulangerie even (at least not the good one). If you have anything you need to do or buy, ya better do it saturday or wait a whole nother week. Thus i pushed myself outta the apt to get the hat. It’s a cute hat. See:

Yeah i left the flash on, i’m hungover ok? Oh and yes my hair is strait, just got a haircut. Fear not, it won’t last.

So then a total hottie on a bicycle, in a cute hat himself, stopped to ask me for directions to St. Michel. I know where it is but couldn’t think of the word for across (as in “across the seine” – it’s “à travers”). I pulled out the standard “excuse me for my lousy french”. And he said “ok, in english?” His english was quite good, like everyone’s here. Mastering another language is proving to be one of the most difficult things i’ve ever attempted, harder than calculus. All these people, like my entire family, who know 4 or 5 amaze me. Anyway I was hoping cute hat boy would invite me along to wherever he was going, but no dice. This is an indication of where i am on the love life scale here: That was the highlight of my day.

So it’s saturday night and i am going to stay in, listen to stevie nicks, write some embarrassingly tardy emails and maybe watch a DVD. Getting the hosting service is going to have to be rescheduled. I’m having a leftover beer from my party and for the first time today i am feeling like a normal person.

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