It’s kind of amusing that

It’s kind of amusing that on the cover of Zurban this week (Zurban is a weekly entertainment guide to Paris. I wouldn’t say it’s really cutting edge, but it’s decent).. Any way on the cover this week is the headline, “La vie en Solo”. Translation: The Single Life. This is amusing because in new york a headline like this would be… well… redundant.

But in my continuing role as an inquisitive cultural anthropologist here among the natives, i have learned something about Paris:

Like no one is single here.

I find it very very strange probably because i come from a city where just saying you’re “seeing” so-and-so is enough to make a person ancy. I know like 4 people who are in committed relationships in nyc, and probably two out of those will make it past the holidays (always the annual killer of relationships-not-meant-to-be). And here i know one person who’s single. Weird! Once i come up with a completely bullshit and simplistic theory explaining it all, i’ll let ya know post haste!

In the mean time, i actually kind of like being single here because it feels like an act of rebellion or something. Much the same way being attached feels rebellious in nyc. Also in the same way that if, come july, i still won’t be able to express anything in other than the present tense in french then i will have committed the *ultimate* act of rebellion! Ha-ha!

you convinced?

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