The Two Good Sisters

The Two Good Sisters

A short snippet from NPR

A short snippet from NPR of world reaction to Bush’s speach. The second interview with a Pakistani editor is especially insightful. I don’t agree with all his points, but the last bit about how the Pakistani people feel betrayed by the US’s use of them during the cold war, and then it’s subsequent abandonment. I think this can extend to many countries in the world.

Islamic World Gives Mixed Reaction to Bush Speech

(It’s in Real Player, my apologies)

Today is another hard day.

Today is another hard day. I thought I could do yesterday without mentioning the thing, and I just made it. Today I can’t. Janine, a coworker of mine, was here in Paris when it happened. In fact her plane touched down at CDG Tuesday morning. She just returned to NYC yesterday. I aim-ed her with some work-related news, completely forgetting it was her first day back in new york, and completely forgetting that new york wasn’t the place she (or I) had left it. She was sad, traumatized, sick, i don’t know what the words are. But breathless, wordless, grieving, shocked, sad.. i just don’t know. And again the clawing empty feeling of being so far away.

All I could say is “I wish I was there” and she said “I wish you were here too”. And those were just the nicest words.

Not one but two really

Not one but two really cool things today

Wikipedia, a collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia from scratch.

via wood s lot.

What a neat thing to do. If I can think of anything I actually know about, I’ll be sure to write. I dunno that much about anything really, it’s a damn shame. But I know some of you do, write an article, willya.

Then Eric AIMed me this link just now:


me: what is it?

Eric: I am sitting in New World Coffee on 84th and Lexington. Someone in the building upstairs has put an Apple Airport in a tuppaware container and hung it out the window, after hooking it to a cable modem. He publishes the connect info on that website, so I can just sit here with my laptop, on the net at blazing speeds!

me: ohhh – so these are all the people with airports that are really generous?

Eric: Yuppers!

me: that rocks

Another article… Start of History

Another article…

Start of History

The hour of the furnaces

by Marc Cooper

LA Weekly

… it’s good though

far away so close :

far away so close : amazing pictures, thanks Dori

Another new song from my arsenal is up too. Take it.

Got nice and drunk with old friends last night. That’s always great medicine.

In Other news, I apparently have a german (or just german-speaking) reader, that is consistently translating my page, so it reads like this. Wow – that’s pretty cool. Drop me a line to say Hoch sometime.

Other news 2 – I’m working on our wap interface at the moment and my low-budget mobile phone doesn’t allow me WAP access, so Pierre took out my SIM card and swapped it with his. So there we were, phones open, phone guts everywhere. And we swapped SIM cards, it seemed real personal. I dunno trading SIM cards just like that. Next time I’ll insist on dinner first, I mean I’m a nice girl and all…

And there’s more: Here’s the first joke i made about it: In the context of talking with a fellow new yorker in Paris about a friend of hers who’s a bit unstable and she’s worried about…

me : “Well, I imagine New York therapists will be doing a brisk business.”

her : “Hell yeah, I think so-and-so‘s been everyday this week.”

I posted some new songs

I posted some new songs today. Go check ‘em out. They’re a bit more in line with my mood. I left Summertime up there just ’cause… well I dunno. It’s certainly not summertime here. It’s barely broken 50 degrees today and it is completely grey outside – not a single cloud outline in sight. Just bleh grey.

I went to the US Embassy to light a candle yesterday after work. It was nice. Though one completely retarded comment I have is that I don’t understand why people don’t take the plastic wrappings off of flowers that they lay down. The piles and piles of wrapped bouquets actually looks like a mound of garbage, instead of beautiful flowers. I think I will go back and light another one today.

As much as I am trying to stay away from everything, I just can’t.

I had a nice talk with an old boss in ICQ this morning. He was saying how really random people were e-mailing him to find out how he was, etc. And that he thinks this is because they just want to know someone who has been hurt, so they can legitimize all the feelings of sorrow they are having. Hmm I never really thought about like that.

I’m not having much trouble legitimizing my sorrow. I am having a problem keeping myself together tho…

Run From Ground Zero By

Run From Ground Zero

By Paul Ford

Maybe it’s not just being

Maybe it’s not just being away, maybe everyone is trying to move on.

A beautiful account of why

A beautiful account of why not being there is so hard:

I am so sorry.

By Paul Ford

So it’s 5am and I’m wide awake. If you take NyQuil too many nights in a row does it backfire? Punish you for your decadence?

After being depressed all day yesterday, I had a bit of a snap-out-of-it moment last night. I was looking out my window and trying to remember how was it that a week ago, 2 weeks ago I was happy to be here. I realized that I needed to let go of New York a little, a lot maybe.

NYC is my city. It was 7 years exactly that I had been living there when I left it. I was also working on Wall Street at the time so I know that area so well. I can picture every storefront as I walk from my office to the WTC. I was dreaming tonight of walking up wall street amid ash and debris. Maybe it was like the ticker tape parade which was my first time to my office there as it was the day of my job interview. It was beautiful, sunny and cold and all the floating white made it feel like it was snowing through the sun. So in my dream I was walking up the street, Mangia on my right and the stock exchange on my left. Everything was grey, dust-coated. And I was in awe. And I was so happy, I said to myself finally I’m home again.

It’s really hard to be so far away. It hurts as much as being there. But because I’m not there, I can’t sit at the waterfront and try to forget about it with my friends who are also trying to forget about it. There are no candlelight peace vigils here. The metros aren’t quiet, they are humming with the buzz of daily life. The Parisians have been kind and concerned, but they are Parisians not New Yorkers. Life is going on easily here.

If I’m going to stay (which I am) and not fall into a pit of depression I’m going to have to try to become more Parisian and less New Yorker. Which means not listening to NPR every second I’m at home or at work. Not combing every NYC blog thrice daily for updates on the wind and the smell and the train schedules. This is going to be really hard.