I’m going away this weekend.

I’m going away this weekend. To a place (or near a place) called Quimper. It’s in Brittany and from my half-hearted searching, famous for painted pottery. I’m going with a friend from the office to visit a friend of hers on the last open night of her father’s bar there. It’s got to close after some problems with the landlord or neighbors or both. I’m not entirely sure. It promises to be a weekend of drinking and various partying. I am slightly apathetic about it, but know that if there’s anything i need it’s a weekend away, with locals drinking and laughing. And not reading stuff on the Internet.

Meanwhile, listening to a press conference with the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (that’s quite a title) discussing the Airforce’s “rules of engagement” on the horrific occasion where they may need to shoot down a commercial plane. [Sigh].

Afterwards NPR takes us to the president’s speech at O’Hare airport yesterday. An unfortunate coupling of stories. But i think it’s a good gesture to have all the cabinet members take airplanes. I want to take an airplane. I will be on one soon.

Already i’ve consumed a dozen or so news articles and a few dozen wire stories. It’s 3pm here and 9am in nyc. People are waking up on AIM.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the guy who i had a silent exchange with from my airplane seat at JFK.

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