Great News! I have been

Great News! I have been granted permission to work in France by the French government (after a short health examination, that is). Woo hoo! Meaning I’ll get paid in francs, get lunch tickets, 35 hour work weeks, health insurance, and all those other good things that working legally entitles you to.

Now the only question is, should i wait until my Oct 26th trip to NY to pick up my actual Visa. Or should i move up my trip and risk missing Halloween in the motherland??

In other governemnet related news, I had to cut and paste this letter I have just written to the LA Superior Court regarding my illegal street crossing techniques:

September 24, 2001

Judges Consideration

West District

West Los Angeles Courthouse

1633 Purdue Ave.

West Los Angeles, California 90025

To Whom It May Concern:

I am living abroad at the moment in Paris, France so I am unable to appear personally in front of the court on December 4th, 2001, which is my scheduled date.

I received a traffic citation for crossing the street not at a proper intersection.

Citation No: 5780043

I promptly went to the web site,, and paid my ticket ($77.00) online. I assumed the matter was resolved and thought no more about it. A few days ago I received a letter informing me that my payment was not received, there was a hold on my license, and I now owed $528.00. I checked back through my credit card statements and realized that in fact the money had not been paid out. I can only assume that there was an error during the processing of my payment on the website.

I am asking that the ticket amount be returned to the original $77.00, since I did attempt to pay within an appropriate time frame, and this seems to be the result of a technical error somehow.

Thank you for your consideration,

Neille Ilel


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