In contradiction to this nyt

In contradiction to this nyt article, i still surf, thank you very much. I would say ms.harmon’s conclusion is a bit superficial. I like to “browse” through life so to speak, walk on streets i’ve never been to, look through racks of clothes at a flea market. I do the same on the web. There are others like me. There are many more others who have to sit their ass on the couch in their-ass-shaped-hole at 8pm to watch that hour-drama. They know what it’s like, they’ve been there before, they could probably make a scarily accurate prediction on the next episode if pressed hard enough. Those people never did surf, and they still don’t. They just searched for their-ass-shaped-hole on the web, and they’ve either found it or given up.

anyway – good things i’ve noticed today: smarty pants

Textism: another smarty pants

but i think smarty pants are where it’s at. maybe that’s my-ass-shaped-hole. Rock On.

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