You know when you just

You know when you just feel like you’re getting screwed by everyone. I’m being charged $3.00 by evil chase bank everytime i take money out here. The french don’t have these ridiculous fees, so chase compensated by charging some bullshit “International Fee”. It’s almost worse that Citibank doesn’t have it, because the trouble it would take me to change my account would just about equal the few hundred dollars i’ll be contrubiting to the chase charity fund.

Also, I’ve double paid my last MCI bill. I can’t find a number to call them anywhere. I think my subletters double paid my verizon bill, and are taking it out of the rent. The dollar keeps dropping so my paycheck is effectively shrinking every month. And i’m never going to get a god damn visa. I also had some disgusting chinese food which gave me headache and made me sleepy, but i didn’t realize you had to pay for rice separately so i spent my last itty bitty franc, and left my bank card at home so i can’t even buy a coffee.

i can’t wait for this day to be over.

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