i’m really entranced by the

i’m really entranced by the trailers i’ve seen for crazy/beautiful. first of all i gotta give props to whoever was cool enough to put the slash in the title and keep it all lower case. i guess that’s been and being done everywhere on the web. but still, in a movie title? that’s pretty hot.

second the scenes of LA youth tug on the heart strings ya know? haha – actually movies like this just make me revise my memories of childhood to seem more exciting than they were. which is ok by me. truth is for suckers.

but really, Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez are pretty hot. and who doesn’t like teen romance/angst movies? especially since they’ve been getting so racy recently. the Salon review points out that practically all of the drinking and drug scenes were cut out courtesy of the FTC and Disney. Salon gives it a thumbs up but i only really trust the LA Weekly review which was more on the fence but still listed it in their trusty Recommended Section.

hopefully i’ll get to see it sometime this week, even if it is without a cutie to pounce on afterwards.

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