back in the office of

back in the office of non-stop excitement this monday morning. but honestly, the fun of putzing around aimlessly most of the day has pretty much totally worn off. i am bored to bits. the kind of bored where you can’t even begin to entertain yourself because you have crossed some threshold of ennui which results in a sloppy sort of ADD. meaning i can’t even get through a single paragraph of anything interesting.

i tried to write something witty or interesting about the motorcycle gang, err.. club, party i went to on saturday, or about circus amok on friday – but really i could hardly finish a sentence…

in terms of paris, now that i’ve made my decision, i haven’t heard anything from the err “management” in terms of planning the thing. after the initial excitement, there’s been neither hide nor hair from anyone about how and when i am actually going to get myself to my new job in paris. i am begining to think that i dreamt this whole thing up, and i actually should just be going about my business as if nothing in the world was different. oh wait except for the fact i have

n o t h i n g

t o

d o


well i’ve got a $50 store credit at agnes b. and i think i oughta take a stroll to soho and try to spend it without spending too much else. if you don’t know agnes b., you can maybe get a wallet for less than $50, maybe. i ended up with the store credit after buying a pair of uncomfortable shoes in paris which were way too expensive. i didn’t realize this at the time because i totally botched up the conversion in my head and paid cash. when i exchanged them in nyc i went through mild sticker shock but recovered quickly as i realized i had just won a free shopping spree. anyhoo – $50 left.

for a girl who’s paycheck prospects are shaky at best, I’ve sure been doin’ quite a bit of shopping. well all my horoscopes say i will be experiencing things that i’ve always stayed away from… like credit card debt?

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