I forgot that a week

I forgot that a week before a lotta things went sour, I used one of those annoying paper cards that fall out of magazines (i wonder if those things have a name; i’ll bet they do). anyway i filled out one of those things and got a subscription to Harper’s. my first issue arrived yesterday and after reading 1.5 articles, boy am i pleased. what a seriously informed liberal bent! i’ve read the magazine a lot before subscribing, but i think one thinks differently of her reading material once she is a subscriber. a good article makes you proud to be a reader, a poor one reflects badly. it’s personal.

anyway i learned that “Major funding for the Antiques Roadshow is provided by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.” so? well, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do after finding out that your great-grandmother’s teapot actually originated from Queen Victoria’s court and is worth $10,000?

You get that shit insured. and quick.

and that’s pretty much what every single one of “winners” does. i wonder if chubb has hungry insurance agents roaming around the convention center, their shirts pressed, their pens filled with ink…

i guess it could be more evil, but still… i want to think pbs is better than that…

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